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Joseph Duncan

News about the investigation, trial and sentencing of Joseph Edward Duncan for the 2005 kidnap, torture and murder of 9-year-old Dylan Groene of Coeur d’Alene; the murders of Dylan’s mother, mother’s fiance and 13-year-old brother; and the kidnapping and molestation of Dylan’s then-8-year-old sister Shasta.

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  • Sat., Aug. 2, 2008

    Duncan asks for access to his computer files

    BOISE – Killer Joseph Duncan wants access to the computer files – including images, video, audio and documents – from the laptop that was confiscated from him when he was …

  • Sat., Aug. 2, 2008

    News media seek an open courtroom

    BOISE – Attorneys for The Spokesman-Review and an array of news organizations in Idaho and Eastern Washington filed arguments in federal court Friday in favor of keeping open court proceedings …

  • Tue., July 29, 2008

    Duncan cleared to represent himself

    BOISE – Joseph Duncan won his bid Monday to act as his own attorney in his sentencing hearings, sidelining his expert legal team in what U.S. District Judge Edward Lodge …

  • Sat., July 26, 2008

    Defense wants open court for video

    BOISE – Attorneys for Joseph Duncan argued Friday that the courtroom should remain open when prosecutors play graphic videotape evidence during his sentencing hearing, but that it should be closed …

  • Fri., July 25, 2008

    Duncan mentally fit for sentencing, judge rules

    BOISE – Convicted killer Joseph Duncan is competent enough to face death penalty proceedings for the murder of the North Idaho boy he abducted after slaying most of the 9-year-old’s …

  • Thu., July 24, 2008

    Ruling could alter Duncan case

    BOISE – A June U.S. Supreme Court decision limiting the right of mentally ill defendants to represent themselves in court could affect the case of Joseph Duncan, who admitted killing …

  • Tue., July 22, 2008

    Duncan jury pool on week’s notice

    BOISE – U.S. District Judge Edward Lodge on Monday ordered prospective jurors in the Joseph Duncan case to check in July 30 for further instructions, suggesting the death penalty proceedings …

  • Fri., July 18, 2008

    Duncan incompetent, lawyers say

    BOISE – Convicted killer Joseph Duncan’s lawyers have filed a motion to declare him mentally incompetent – which would not only keep him from acting as his own lawyer, but …

  • Thu., July 17, 2008

    Judge opens Duncan hearing

    BOISE – U.S. District Judge Edward Lodge has reversed himself and ordered today’s status hearing in killer Joseph Duncan’s death penalty proceedings opened to the press and public. Meanwhile, prosecutors …

  • Wed., July 16, 2008

    Duncan attorneys object to closed hearing

    BOISE – Attorneys for murderer and child molester Joseph Duncan say there’s been too much secrecy in the killer’s death sentence proceedings, and they are objecting to a closed court …

  • Thu., May 15, 2008

    Duncan psych exam could swing case

    BOISE – The latest development in the Joseph Duncan sentencing raises a major question: What happens to the case against the confessed killer if psychological evaluations find he’s mentally incompetent? …

  • Wed., April 23, 2008

    Duncan evaluation puts jury selection on hold

    BOISE – More than two dozen prospective jurors were waiting to be questioned, Joseph Duncan was in court, and attorneys and the judge were assembled. But Tuesday’s jury selection proceedings …

  • Sat., April 19, 2008

    Duncan cites his ‘ideology’

    BOISE – Convicted killer Joseph Duncan said Friday that his “ideology” is behind his request to act as his own attorney in his death penalty sentencing hearings for kidnapping, molesting …

  • Thu., April 17, 2008

    Duncan wants to act as own lawyer

    BOISE – Joseph Duncan wants to act as his own attorney in his death penalty hearings, his lawyers told the court Wednesday. “He has requested that we recognize his desire …

  • Tue., April 15, 2008, 12:49 p.m.

    Largest jury pool gathers for Duncan proceedings

    BOISE – The largest jury pool ever summoned to federal court in Idaho gathered at a Boise convention center Monday to face a thin, shaggy-haired killer whose fate rests in …

  • Sun., April 13, 2008

    Duncan juror phase begins

    BOISE – Three hundred fifty people will gather in Boise’s convention center on Monday to start an extraordinary process: deciding whether Joseph Duncan should die for what he did to …

  • Thu., Feb. 7, 2008

    Duncan lawyers seek sentence delay

    BOISE – Attorneys for convicted murderer Joseph Edward Duncan III are asking a federal judge to postpone his sentencing hearing on 10 federal charges until September, and to prevent the …

  • Tue., Feb. 5, 2008, 12:52 p.m.

    Duncan evidence won’t be suppressed

    BOISE – A federal judge has rejected defense attorneys’ motions to suppress evidence seized from the vehicle Joseph Duncan was driving when he was found with young Shasta Groene, the …

  • Thu., Jan. 24, 2008

    Shasta told police of Duncan’s claims

    BOISE – Shasta Groene told authorities that Joseph Duncan, during the weeks he held her captive at a remote Montana campsite, described killing at least three other children – a …

  • Wed., Jan. 23, 2008

    Shooting details revealed at Duncan hearing

    BOISE – The night she was rescued from killer Joseph Duncan, young Shasta Groene gave such a vivid description of Duncan’s killing of her brother, Dylan, that it left little …