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Hoopfest 2018

Coverage of Spokane’s annual 3-on-3 basketball tournament.

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Matt Bouldin puts finishing touch on Few Good Men’s 84-83 win over Team Utah in The Basketball Tournament opener

UPDATED: Fri., June 29, 2018, 11:13 p.m.

The Basketball Tournament organizers added a new wrinkle to their winner-take-all, $2 million event with the Elam Ending. Under the Elam rules, at the first dead ball with under 4 minutes remaining, seven points is added to the leading team’s score to set a target score. In the case of sixth-seeded Few Good Men and No. 11 Team Utah on Friday night, the score was tied at 77 so the target became 84.


Grip on Sports: It’s not Christmas, it’s better. Hoopfest is back this weekend

A GRIP ON SPORTS • There are many good weekends around here. Memorial Day weekend is always fun. Labor Day weekend means college football is beginning. The weekend that includes Thanksgiving always is memorable. Pretty much any July or August weekend is worthwhile. But the best one? That’s this weekend. Hoopfest weekend. Read on.
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SkyRide opens for Hoopfest weekend

The Sky Ride at Riverfront Park will have its official opening this Friday at 10 a.m., just in time for Hoopfest. “We couldn’t miss this opportunity,” said Jon Moog, director of Riverfront Park. “People from all over the United States come to participate at Hoopfest, and it’s just a really good opportunity to showcase our city.”
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City gears up for Hoopfest 2018

UPDATED: Thu., June 28, 2018, 11:01 p.m.

More than 6,000 teams will face off in downtown Spokane this weekend for the region’s annual 3-on-3 basketball tournament, Hoopfest.
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The Basketball Tournament Hoopfest pod: Round three for Few Good Men, Team Utah

UPDATED: Wed., June 27, 2018, 8:32 p.m.

The Basketball Tournament schedule-makers appear to have a keen sense of TBT’s short history as well as the best rivalry in the West Coast Conference. Sixth-seeded Few Good Men, which includes six former Zags, opens the winner-take-all, $2 million tournament against No. 11 Team Utah at approximately 7 p.m. in the Hoopfest pod at Lewis and Clark High.

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Hoopfest: Warm sunshine; brutal heat stays south

The brutal heat that’s settled into the desert Southwest is expected to stay well south of Spokane going into Hoopfest weekend. Forecast highs in Spokane of 80 on Saturday and 87 on Sunday will be accompanied by plenty of sunshine. Have you ever attended or participate in Hoopfest? CH


There is a lot to celebrate if you can find the games

A GRIP ON SPORTS • We make no secret about it. No journalistic balance here. We are an unabashed Hoopfest supporter. Have been for more than a quarter century. And continue to be even when it is so hot you think your feet are going to melt. Read on.

Just another Spokane Saturday

A GRIP ON SPORTS • The M’s lost. There is more discussion of Russell Wilson’s contract. Hoopfest is in town. It’s hot. All’s right with the world. Read on.

Enjoy the weekend

A GRIP ON SPORTS • The next couple days are going to be long ones. And hot ones. And fun ones. Read on.

Now you will have this tune stuck in your head all day

A GRIP ON SPORTS • If you qualify for the super senior discount at your neighborhood restaurant, then you will remember a song called "The Name Game." We play a version of it today, though we're not using the bananas.

Change is the one constant these days

A GRIP ON SPORTS College basketball is a year-around sport these days. There is the regular season, March Madness, recruiting and, this time of year, transfer season. Read on.

Twenty-five years of memories

A GRIP ON SPORTS Every time I read a story on the roots of Hoopfest, I get a warm feeling. It is nice to know you were at the beginning of something. A trailblazer if you will. Or one of the original speed bumps, depending...
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How to watch Hoopfest
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Sunday Spin: Inslee to pass on Hoopfest ‘14

OLYMPIA – For the second year in a row, Gov. Jay Inslee won’t be able to make good on a post-election promise to come to Spokane to play in Hoopfest. Inslee, an admitted hoop-aholic, played in the 2012 tournament during the gubernatorial campaign, and made...

The last tear is the saddest

A GRIP ON SPORTS You know what's sort of sad for a sports fan? When you get to the final ticket or two of a season. When you realize there are only a couple of more games left before it all ends. Read on.
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Twitter Trending, Facebook Fading

If you want to know social media, ask a teen. Better yet, ask a bunch of them. A group of Spokane teenagers who took part in a social media engagement project at Hoopfest – the Digital Street Team – agree that Facebook is fading and...

It’s not only the weather that’s hot

A GRIP ON SPORTS Today seems like a perfect day to talk about hot seats. After all, if you are outside and sit down, you are on one. But does the term really apply to anyone in the Mariners front office? Read on.

Young men in pink

When two great-nephews, on two separate Hoopfest teams, arrived at their games Saturday in electric pink team shirts, I knew we weren't in boomer-color rules anymore. In my younger years, no teen boy would be caught wearing pink. But everywhere at Hoopfest Saturday, I saw...

It’s like a blow dryer out there

A GRIP ON SPORTS It just might hit 100 today around here, which doesn't happen all that often. And you know what heat does, don't you? It dries things out. Read on.

Recapturing a little magic

A GRIP ON SPORTS Every once in a great while, a game like last night's in Safeco reminds us why baseball is such a great game to watch, listen to or read about. Read on.

Olynyk’s journey takes another turn

A GRIP ON SPORTS A couple of years ago, when you saw Kelly Olynyk (if you saw him at all), he was the tall, skinny guy at the end of the Gonzaga bench, jumping up and celebrating whenever a Zag made a big play. Now...
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Budget impasse keeps Inslee out of Hoopfest

Inslee goes up for a rebound last January in pickup game at governor's mansion. OLYMPIA -- The Legislature has until Sunday night to pass a budget that would stave off a partial state government shutdown, but the impasse will keep Gov. Jay Inslee out of...

It takes an iron will to compete in these two events

A GRIP ON SPORTS I sure hope whoever is in charge of the weather understands Hoopfest is this weekend. And it's not supposed to rain around here on Hoopfest. If it does, there will be heck to pay. Read on.
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Looking ahead on the Spokane calendar

Hoopfest is on the last two days of the first half of the year, June 29 and 30. The next day, of course, is Canada Day. It's also the day when you can put into action your Second Half of the Year's resolutions. You know,...
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Inslee: I’ll be there for Hoopfest

Inslee goes up for a rebound in an Inaugural Day game at the governor's mansion. OLYMPIA -- Gov. Jay Inslee is a self-proclaimed hoopaholic who likes basketball so much his staff organized a pick-up game to provide a break in Inauguration Day. He likes it...

Of Hoopfest, nephews and baby quail

Our backyard is home to several quail families. We watch for the babies, as tiny as a sneeze, and then marvel how fast they become teen quails and then, mom and dad quails themselves. In my large, extended Italian family -- 15 nieces, 25 great...

Another track and field fiasco

A GRIP ON SPORTS There are a lot of lessons to be learned from athletics, not the least of which is how not to deal with a problem. "Oh," you think to yourself, "he's talking about the Olympic track and field trials." Was I that...

A basketball celebration

A GRIP ON SPORTS Do you like to people watch? Enjoy competition? Need a long walk? Then Hoopfest is for you. If you hate crowds, the smell of sun screen or the pain of over-used feet, then it's better to avoid downtown Spokane today. Read...
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Governor’s race comes down to Hoopfest vs. Bloomsday

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jay Inslee will be on the court Saturday at Hoopfest in a team that also includes Democratic state House candidate Marcus Riccelli. Their team, the Evergreen Dream Team, will play its first game at 8 a.m. Saturday on Washington Street between Main...
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This date in Slice history (1997)

(Here are a few snippets from a bonus Slice that ran in the sports section. It was dedicated, top to bottom, to Hoopfest coverage.) Out of the way or you'll get vaporized: In places, the sidewalks were so crowded it was hard to move. But...

NBA takes a backseat

A GRIP ON SPORTS The biggest news today, other than what's coming out of Washington, D.C., of course, is the NBA draft. You would think that David Stern has enough pull in Washington to get the Supremes to put off announcing something as big as...
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A note from a friend

"Hi Paul, "Hope you had a great vacation. Didn't see you at Hoopfest so wanted to relay what I thought was the best public-address comment of the weekend. "Preceding the playing of the national anthem on Sunday a.m. the announcer implored the Hoopfest masses to...
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Have your answer ready

Did you do Hoopfest? 1, "Define 'Do.' " 2. "Yes, but I fouled out." 3. "Yes. My team won in the over-40 Passive Aggressives." 4. "No, but I came in second at Ironwoman." 5. "I can't remember." 6. "Was that this past weekend?" 7. "Not...

Me in Hoopfest? No way!

Good morning, Netizens... There is no way in hell I would ever attend Hoopfest. In fact, given the parking dilemma of monstrous proportions that takes place when you inject an expected 250,000 people into Downtown Spokane, most of my family are avoiding even passing through...
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Poll: Ironman? Hoopfest? Bah!

Thursday Poll: For all the excitement in Coeur d'Alene and Spokane, Hucks Nation isn't excited about Coeur d'Alene Ironman or Hoopfest. 77 of 132 respondents (58.33%) voted they weren't interested in either big sporting event this weekend. 38 respondents (28.79%) said they were more interested...
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Poll: Idaho Solons Take Care Of Own

Wednesday Poll: 72 of 122 respondents (59.02%) view the $94,633 in bonuses given to legislative staffers during these hard economic times as an example that lawmakers "take care of their own." 25 respondents (20.49%) say bonuses meant some state workers are more important than others....
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P.S. Turiaf Partners With Hoopfest

In this AP file photo from Sunday, New York Knicks' Ronny Turiaf defends Boston Celtics' Paul Pierce during the first-round of the NBA basketball playoff series in Boston on Sunday. Turiaf, the former Gonzaga basketball star, will be in Spokane for the 3-on-3 annual Hoopfest...
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Hoopfest escapee arrested in car theft

An inmate who escaped from a Hoopfest work crew is back in jail after police say he tried to steal a car. Gary J. Todd, 29, was arrested Monday after a homeowner in the 3700 block of E. 13th Ave. found Todd trying to steal...
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Did Shooting Give Hoopfest Black Eye?

Spokane's biggest Hoopfest in history is behind us but not before a gang-related shooting gave the event a black eye. Luckily the shooting happened right in front of an off-duty policewoman who played an integral role in bringing the incident to a swift conclusion. Detective...
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David: Why I Don’t Attend Hoopfest

The biggest reason we have studiously avoided Hoopfest all these years, however, is that I develop a severe rash of a most private nature when I am in a vast warbling mass of unwashed people, regardless of their intentions or why they came together. Yes,...
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DUI inmate who fled Hoopfest still missing

An inmate serving time for a drunken driving conviction still is at large after walking away from a Hoopfest work crew Friday night.Gary J. Todd, 29, hasn't been seen since he asked to use a portable toilet near the INB Performing Arts Cente after his...
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2 Victims Discuss Hoopfest Shootings

Item: Victims talk about Hoopfest shooting/Erik Loney, KXLYMore Info: As five suspects sit in jail for their involvement in Saturday's shooting at Hoopfest, the two women who were shot in the leg are talking about the experience. "We were walking away and that's when we...

I didn’t attend Hoopfest… here’s why

Good morning, Netizens... Yet another year in the life of Hoopfest has come and gone, and all the numb sunburned bodies have finally laid their claims to fame and fortune or ill fame and misfortune as the case may be. But for me and mine,...
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Deputies get quota for Hoopfest DUI patrols

Spokane County sheriff's deputies have been asked to contact at least three motorists per hour this weekend as part of extra impaired driving patrols.The emphasis is part of a Hoopfest patrol effort that began Friday and includes aircraft. A Washington State Patrol Cessna plane will...