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Spokane Indians

Tracking Spokane’s Northwest League (short-season A) baseball team. The Indians, a Texas Rangers farm club, won the NWL title in 2008.

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Indians outfielder Jarmon dazzled as quarterback

New Spokane Indians outfielder Jamie Jarmon was so talented as a football quarterback in high school that he was named Delaware's player of the year. Jarmon always liked baseball better, however, and his second professional season will begin this week with the Northwest League's Spokane Indians. Read story

Indians begin minicamp with familiar faces

The Spokane Indians began their three-day minicamp on Tuesday with their sights set on Friday's Northwest League opener against Everett. Spokane's current roster features 10 players who were on the Indians' roster in 2012. Seventh-year Indians manager Tim Hulett is fine with that prospect. Read story

Hulett looks forward to 7th year with Indians

The Spokane Indians will begin their 31st consecutive season in the Northwest League on Friday. This season will mark the seventh consecutive year that Tim Hulett will serve as Indians manager. The former major leaguer said he's excited for another chance to guide the eight-time NWL champions: http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2013/jun/08/hulett-back-7th-year-indians/

He managed the Spokane Indians in 1959


Bragan was a teammate of Jackie Robinson's. Not willingly, at first. But the Alabama native's views evolved.

Which just goes to show you that people can change.

Maiden speech for Billig

Freshman Sen. Andy Billig made his first official floor speech last week, which is traditionally a time for new senators to give gifts and older senators to give grief. It was during a resolution marking service of women in the Legislature, appropriate since Billig’s 3rd District has one of the best records of sending women to Olympia. “It means a lot to me, as the father of a daughter,” he said of the state's record of electing women.

As part owner of the Spokane Indians, Billig gave out team caps and baseballs. The razzing wasn’t particularly tough. A few bad baseball references, and Sen. Jim Honeyford, R-Sunnyside, wondered about Billig’s support for “made in America” efforts because the caps and balls were made in China. What drew the most interest in the version of the Indians’ cap that  with the team name in Salish.

He was a manager of the Spokane Indians

Before that, Roy was a major league player. And after being here, he was the first manager of the expansion Blue Jays. 


A former manager of Spokane Indians


Ozark managed the Indians in 1963 and 1964.

Thanks to Newport's Dorothy Bernard for bringing this to my attention. 

Former Spokane Indian now MLB all-star


He played for Spokane way back in 1996.

Are you one of Steve Garvey’s children?

Yes, that's impolite.

But considering what we learned long ago about the onetime Los Angeles Dodgers slugger's off-field antics, it seems fair to ask.

Did he father some children here while a member of the Spokane Indians?

If Garvey was your dad, you would be about 42 now. You might have a prominent chin.

If you think it is a possibility, ask your mother if she used to be a baseball fan.

Remember, Father's Day — the special occasion invented in Spokane — is just 31 days away. But there's still time to pick out a nice card.

How many former Spokane Indians…

…have been on the cover of Sports Illustrated?

This is Ron Fairly. Steve Garvey would make two, but surely there are more.


Don’t think “The Rifleman” played here

Which makes him something of a rarity among those who wore that uniform even briefly.


Spokane baseball in a different century


There are a couple of interesting things about the graphic art on this 1980 program.

The old-style Cleveland Indians-esque depiction of the native American isn't something current Spokane Indians management would consider using for two seconds.

And you know how contemporary advertising tends to present a hyperdiverse cross-section of the population? Well, check out the crowd on the cover of that program. All white. (Well, OK, there is a dog, too.) You just wouldn't see that today.

Soldier Stuns Fam @ Indians’ Game

The fans at Avista Stadium rise for a standing ovation as Sgt. Chris Weichman embraces his twin 4-year-old girls Gracie, left, and Ruby during a surprise homecoming between innings Monday. His wife Abby stands at left. The homecoming was arranged as a "special prize " for a promotion during the game between the Spokane Indians and Yakima Bears. Weichman is on his third tour of duty in Afganistan. (SR photo: Christopher Anderson) Also: You can see the KHQ video of the reunion here.

Councilman Mike, who was at the game, offers this description: "After the promo the stadium announcer Jamie Patrick called people’s attention to the 3rd base line and there was a serviceman standing there. His daughters ran right across the field and the reality of what was happening dawned on everyone. When people realized this was the reunion, the crowd rose and applauded (many through tears) and the players warming up for the next inning on the field and in the dugouts all stopped what they were doing and gave the family an ovation. It put everything in perspective and was an unexpected blessing to be a part of.

DFO: This wonderful reunion underscores the awful loss to this country and their families of the 30 SEALS in Afghanistan during the last week.

Parting Shot: Take me out to the ball game

Spokane Indians pitcher #30 David Perez comes to the plate with a pitch in the first inning against Eugene at Avista Stadium Monday July 18, 2011. Perez once again had a rough start and did not last through the first inning as Eugene jumped out an early 4-0 lead. Story here.

When is the last time you watched a game at a ballpark?