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    Boise Balloon Classic

    Val Favicchio, a hot-air balloon pilot from Coeur d’Alene, is in Boise this week for the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic, a festival where up to 30 balloons may launch …

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    Main Market Co-op opens

    Main Market Co-op, 44 W. Main St. in Spokane, held a ribbon cutting Tuesday, Feb. 16, 2010, as part of its grand opening ceremonies. General manager Jennifer Hall and others …

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    Ed Magnuson’ s Man Cave

    Ed Magnuson is a collector. He has Coca-Cola products, memorabilia, a stagecoach, a re-created diner, all next to his house near Shadle. He opens up his collection to civic groups … 1

  4. 04
    Lucky Friday mine expands

    The Lucky Friday silver mine in Mullan, Idaho has weathered the ups and downs of silver prices that have claimed other once-profitable mining ventures. Now Hecla Mining, which owns the …

  5. 05
    New Age Dawning

    The longest human life on record is 122 years. The British scientist Aubrey de Grey has made a name for himself arguing that 150-year lifespan are not only within reach, …

  6. 06
    Last Day at the Christmas Bureau 2010

    After a 10-day run, the Christmas Bureau closed Monday, Dec. 20, 2010. The bureau served 32,000 people, about half of them children. Families got food vouchers and kids each received …

  7. 07
    Wood River Wolf Project

    Patrick Graham of Defenders of Wildlife, explains how the Wood River Wolf Project works to keep wolves away from sheep herds in Sun Valley, Idaho.

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    Cutting a tree in the National Forest

    There are several options for obtaining a Christmas tree, including artificial trees, U-cut farms, tree lots in town and trees from the nearby woods. While cutting a holiday tree for … 2

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    Dying to live at home

    A neuromuscular disorder has diminished Paul Dunham’s previously robust 160-pound frame to a skeletal 83 pounds over the past two decades. The Hayden man’s hands are strong, but he’s unable … 4

  10. 10

    Riverfront Park is again offering a haunted house feature at the Pavilion, where guests can also ride the SR2 simulator or play miniature golf between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. …

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    Life 101 in Larry’s Barbershop

    From 2006 archive: Walking into Larry’s Afro Barbering and Styling Shop is like being welcomed into an extended family. Besides a great haircut, Larry’s is a place to discuss what …

  12. 12
    A Hand Up

    What started as a two-hour assignment for The Spokesman-Review ended up being nearly a five-month project involving a young woman from Vietnam. The photo request said to be at Holy …

  13. 13
    Little Victories

    Hayden Lake resident Stacey Sprock has four children, each with a developmental disorder or life-changing condition. Their life together is filled with doctor’s appointments, therapy sessions and after-school activities. Stacey …

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    Fast-Track Teen

    Thirteen-year-old Nicole Behar of Otis Orchards races a Ford Mustang in the Fever 4 series at Stateline Speedway in Stateline Idaho.

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    Artificial Eye Maker

    Kim Erickson is an artist. Anyone who sees his work would not doubt that for an instant. But his pieces don’t hang in museums. In fact, his masterpieces go unnoticed …

  16. 16
    Rapid Descent

    by Brian Plonka From nearly 3,000 feet in the foothills of the Selkirk Mountains, to the end of the Spokane Falls, this assignment could not have been more enjoyable. The …

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    The New American Dream

    Former Coeur d’Alene residents Kevin and Lisa McLeod are among the thousands of people who are riding the wave of the recent oil boom in North Dakota. Click here3

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    Wiener Rescue

    Photography and Production by Jesse Tinsley Margo Mossburg is the head of both the Dachshund Rescue NW and the Dachshund Club of Spokane. She loves the little dogs with the …

  19. 19
    A place called home: Hutton Settlement

    by Jed Conklin Part 1 of 3 The first time I visited the Hutton Settlement was April 22, 2004 for an Earth Day celebration. I was intrigued that day by …

  20. 20
    Finding the Frame - Chasing a Comet

    Last Thursday, Spokesman-Review photojournalist Jed Conklin and Staff writer Mike Prager headed west as the sun began to set. Their task? Find and photograph Comet McNaught as it became visible …