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Asparagus requires space and patience

Wed., May 24, 2017, noon

First-year asparagus, skinny with lacy tops, is planted in double rows, a technique that may increase yield and make it easier to harvest, is shown in a newly-planted field in the Columbia Valley north of the Tri-Cities  May 5, 2017. It takes three years before an asparagus field can produce a full harvest. (Jesse Tinsley / The Spokesman-Review)
Spring is asparagus season. The tender green spears appear almost magically from bare ground in many places in the Inland Northwest, and not all of them are in backyard gardens. To those in the know, there are wild patches of asparagus around old farms and homesteads, in empty fields and moist ditches. There is reportedly a patch somewhere on the old Fort Wright grounds where the military cooks grew vegetables for the soldiers in the early 1900s. Growing asparagus is not difficult, but it takes a lot of garden space, some work to plant it and patience for it to grow to harvest age.

Front Porch: Sexism in society still hides behind a smile

Wed., May 24, 2017, noon

With major news events happening rapid fire and assaulting our brains daily, it’s hard to keep track of what went on even a few days ago, no less a few weeks ago. With that said, what I’m about to mention may seem of lesser importance in light of everything that’s transpired since, but I still think it needs airing.

Inside Spokane’s best Airbnbs

Wed., May 24, 2017, 6 a.m.

��The Funky House�� in Millwod is viewed from the backyard. Dan Pelle/THE SPOKESMAN-REVIEW (Dan Pelle / The Spokesman-Review)
For less than $200 a night visitors to Spokane County can stay in a home with a helipad on the roof, a converted historic electrical substation, or accommodations with Disney flair. It’s all part of the new travel wave led by the likes of lodging upstarts Airbnb and VRBO.

100 years ago in Otis Orchards: Sheriff called to put down Wobbly riot

Wed., May 24, 2017, midnight

The Spokane County sheriff was urgently summoned to put down a “riot” by members of Industrial Workers of the World who were laying pipe for the Otis Orchards irrigation district, the Spokane Daily Chronicle reported on May 24, 1917. (Spokesman-Review archives)
The Spokane County sheriff was urgently summoned to put down a “riot” by members of Industrial Workers of the World (the Wobblies) who were laying pipe for the Otis Orchards irrigation district. The trouble began when a “flunkey” in the cook house was fired for allegedly destroying food. More than 100 laborers, all Wobblies, then demanded that the contractor reinstate the flunkey and fire all non-Wobblies.

Spokane region’s short-term rental regulations uneven

Wed., May 24, 2017, midnight

Like many cities nationwide, Spokane had a fitful start permitting short-term rentals. In early 2014, the city began issuing cease-and-desist letters to property owners advertising overnight stays online, saying local laws did not allow room-sharing services outside of regulations for bed and breakfasts, which were only allowed to operate in historic properties.

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