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MONDAY, JULY 16, 2018

Aim for your neighborhood's norm

You've lived with those ugly kitchen countertops for a decade. Should you replace them now that you're ready to sell your house? That's not a simple yes or no question, says Scott Thompson, a certified real estate appraiser whose work ...

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MONDAY, JUNE 18, 2018

Money to the members

You’ve probably heard of co-ops: food co-ops, childcare co-ops, housing co-ops, energy co-ops. The stuff they’re sharing varies ― groceries, babysitting, housing, kilowatt-hours ― but the concept is the same: In a cooperative, people join together to form an organization, ...

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Can allergy medications cause dry eyes?

As many as 30 million Americans are affected by seasonal allergies each year. While many of these allergy sufferers can get by taking an occasional antihistamine, other chronic sufferers require a more regimented routine of allergy medications. Symptoms for both ...

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MONDAY, JUNE 11, 2018

UW-GU medical students start clinical rotations

In 2016, the University of Washington School of Medicine and Gonzaga University, through their Regional Health Partnership, welcomed the largest incoming class of medical students to Spokane. Sixty UWSOM students began their training on the Gonzaga campus, and now those ...

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MONDAY, JUNE 4, 2018

The University of Washington Professional and Continuing Education Career Accelerator provides innovative learning paths that boost career success and inspire more meaningful lives.  (Courtesy University of Washington)

Why you need to keep learning

UW Professional and Continuing Education Remember when you were a student, anxious to finish school and get out into the real world? Education meant K-12, followed by a two- or four-year degree for some, and possibly ending with a master’s ...

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SUNDAY, MAY 13, 2018

THURSDAY, MAY 10, 2018

Screening Mammography is the most reliable and effective method for the early detection of breast cancer.  (Courtesy Inland Imaging)

The value of preventive screening exams

Inland Imaging offers a number of preventive screening procedures for the early detection of colon cancer, coronary artery disease, lung cancer, breast cancer and prostate cancer. These screenings are all performed by highly-trained technologists and evaluated by sub-specialty trained physicians ...

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TUESDAY, MAY 8, 2018

A growing number of seniors are looking into cannabis options to help with pain relief and relaxation. (  / Courtesy Spokane Green Leaf)

Cannabis for all: Why seniors are diving in

Cannabis is taking the world by storm. As legalization marches across the country, people of all ages and backgrounds are discovering the benefits of this fantastic plant. Perhaps one of the most exciting trends is that the over-50 crowd has ...

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SUNDAY, MAY 6, 2018

Check out all the free stuff at local libraries

Books, sure. But would you expect video equipment, upholstery kits, or museum passes at your neighborhood library, all available for checkout? Many libraries are offering more nontraditional items and programs than ever. That means equipment, tools, classes, and training that ...

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TUESDAY, MAY 1, 2018

MONDAY, APRIL 30, 2018

SUNDAY, APRIL 29, 2018

SUNDAY, APRIL 22, 2018



A favorite All-Star game memory

I had heard my older brother laugh harder. But not many times. We were watching the 1968 baseball All-Star game on TV. It was being played in Houston's Astrodome. At ...