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MONDAY, NOV. 21, 2016

MONDAY, NOV. 7, 2016

When paying online, verify first

Imagine sharing your credit card number with a half-dozen online stores ― big retailers, trendy boutiques, and a dog-toy company that seems nice enough. Trust that your account information is in good hands all around, because thieves can’t create attractive ...

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Where does the money go?

You’ve probably heard of co-ops: food co-ops, childcare co-ops, housing co-ops, energy co-ops. The stuff they’re sharing varies ― groceries, babysitting, real estate, kilowatt-hours ― but the concept is the same: In a cooperative, people join together to form an ...

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SATURDAY, SEPT. 24, 2016

Ben Cochran, football coach at Rogers High School, uses the tools of emotional intelligence to get the most of his players. (Dan Cooley / Spokesman-Review Marketing Department)

Coaches focus on emotions as much as skills

For someone who is just 13 years old, Danny Rupp appears inordinately mature. And not just in stature. Standing nearly 5-feet-9 and weighing around 146 pounds, the Garry Middle School eighth-grader is entering his fourth season of football – his ...

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MONDAY, SEPT. 12, 2016

3 ways to make money conversations easier

In study after study, money is often cited as one of the top conflict points in marriage. Finances can be an emotional topic for couples, especially when money is tight. So it pays to get in the habit of discussing ...

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SUNDAY, JULY 17, 2016

Saving for the future

According to two 2015 surveys – one by Google Consumer Survey and one by – 62 percent of Americans do not have enough savings to handle an unexpected emergency, much less any long-term plans. Thirty-one percent of those between ...

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MONDAY, JUNE 13, 2016


John Lamparski/Getty Images <p>

Lady Gaga, her mom Cynthia Germanotta, and celebrated filmmaker and Elton John’s husband David Furnish, at the Love Bravery collection launch. The limited edition line includes music-themed clothing and accessories; 25 percent of proceeds support Born This Way Foundation and Elton John AIDS Foundation. It is available through Aug. 30 at select Macy’s and online at  (  /  )

Emotions Matter

Imagine your ideal work atmosphere. Not the job itself, specifically, but the atmosphere in which the job exists.What would you expect from the experience? From your co-workers? More important, what would you expect from your boss?The answers to those questions ...

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The most difficult talk of all

Kids learn about money from their parents. They know whether you tend to save up for fun purchases, or pull out the credit card when temptation strikes.Since they’re learning from you, talk to your kids about using their money wisely. ...

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SUNDAY, MARCH 27, 2016


Smarter cards, safer shopping

Maybe you’ve noticed a shiny new feature on your credit card.That little microchip has a big job. Credit and debit cards with chips in them are better at protecting your private information than cards with only magnetic stripes.“Chip cards help ...

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5 ways debt-free is doable

Are you one of the 20 percent of American households that spend more than they make? Perhaps you’re one of the 44 percent of all credit card holders who carry a balance?

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WEDNESDAY, DEC. 16, 2015

4 questions to avoid getting scammed

If you leave your purse or shopping bags in full view inside your car, you can expect them to be gone when you return. If you receive a check from someone you’ve never met, you can expect it to be counterfeit.

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TUESDAY, NOV. 17, 2015

6 reasons you should buy local

Doing good in your community doesn’t have to take a lot of time. It can be as simple as choosing to buy local. Increase the impact on the money you spend in your community by remembering six reasons it pays ...

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12 reasons why you need to baby your baby teeth

Oral health is an important part of children’s overall health. But because baby teeth fall out they often don’t get the attention they deserve. Baby teeth need to be babied. The germs that cause cavities in baby teeth can lead ...

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WSU football means great time to tailgate

PULLMAN -- As the Washington State Cougars battle for the Pac-12 football championship this year, there’s one title they already hold: Best Tailgating School in the West. Check out the ...

Time travel conspiracy

So this morning, not long after getting up, I looked at the SR page on my phone. I saw that something I had written for Sunday's paper ranked No. 1 ...