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WEDNESDAY, OCT. 21, 2015


8 things you should shred right away

Most papers can be touched once, and then tossed in the garbage like a hamburger wrapper. Yet we all have some valuable identification records, financial statements, contracts or receipts that we ought to file and store in a safe place ...

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TUESDAY, SEPT. 8, 2015

RULER concepts in action in the classroom.  (Courtesy Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence)

Mastering emotions, mastering life

When Marc Brackett talks about the negative effects emotions can have on our abilities to complete even basic tasks, he sometimes mentions his mother. In a 2011 TED talk he gave in San Francisco, Brackett – a senior research scientist ...

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MONDAY, AUG. 17, 2015

SUNDAY, AUG. 16, 2015

Emotion Revolution: Why bullying hurts

A young boy seeks out a new friend and gets punched in the face. A high-school girl is subjected to catcalls over her weight. Kids of all ages take shelter in the perceived safety of their homes only to find themselves targeted by online trolls. These are all acts of bullying.

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Should I refinance my car or truck?

Banks, credit unions, and other lenders compete for vehicle loans by regularly offering refinancing deals that cost you almost nothing. There are good reasons to refinance – and a few good reasons to not. Here are some of the most ...

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SUNDAY, MAY 24, 2015

emotional INTELLIGENCE = emotional RESILIENCE

Long before she became Lady Gaga, the multi-Grammy Award-winning entertainer was simply a girl named Stefani. And Stefani wasn’t always treated kindly by her peers. We know this mainly because of her mother. Cynthia Germanotta detailed her daughter’s difficult childhood ...

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MONDAY, MARCH 16, 2015

WEDNESDAY, FEB. 11, 2015


Time travel conspiracy

So this morning, not long after getting up, I looked at the SR page on my phone. I saw that something I had written for Sunday's paper ranked No. 1 ...