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Paul Turner

Paul Turner

Paul Turner joined The Spokesman-Review in 1988 after starting his journalism career in 1976 and working for newspapers in Arizona, Texas and Tennessee. He is a features columnist. His column, The Slice, appears six times a week.
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SATURDAY, NOV. 17, 2018

TUESDAY, NOV. 13, 2018

SUNDAY, NOV. 11, 2018

TUESDAY, NOV. 6, 2018

Are you moved by politics?

Technically, it’s not a presidential election year, so I doubt if we’ll hear it today. You know, “If (fill in the blank) wins, I’m moving to another country.”

SUNDAY, NOV. 4, 2018

TUESDAY, OCT. 30, 2018

Paul Turner: Growing older is alarming

Survey after survey shows that readers of the print newspaper tend to be older people. I’m not suggesting that makes me uniquely qualified to speak to these good folks. But you know what they say. If the comfortable shoe fits, wear it.

SUNDAY, OCT. 28, 2018

MONDAY, OCT. 22, 2018

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MONDAY, OCT. 1, 2018

Paul Turner: Leave paddling in the dustbin of history

My wife was at home and happened to be looking out a window one recent afternoon. She observed a minor traffic collision. The fault in the matter was quite clear. So she wanted to present herself as a witness.

SUNDAY, SEPT. 30, 2018

THURSDAY, SEPT. 27, 2018


TUESDAY, SEPT. 25, 2018

MONDAY, SEPT. 10, 2018

SUNDAY, SEPT. 9, 2018



Paul Turner: Big talk before this Saturday’s EWU football game

I suppose there are people who care about Big Sky Conference football. In fact, I’m almost sure of it. Seems as if I’ve met some of them. It’s just that in Spokane their fandom tends to get drowned out by the noise about Gonzaga basketball, WSU football and whatever. Which is fine. We Big Sky fans take a sort of pride in the absence of hype. Well, I do anyway.