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With Kaiser Out Of Picture, Attorney Switches Sides

It turns out that Stan Schultz is a man of his word - where Spokane Valley incorporation is concerned, anyway.

The local attorney recently came through on a promise he made during the 1993-94 incorporation campaign.

Schultz represented Kaiser Aluminum when the company challenged the last incorporation drive. Kaiser officials, who thought the new city would lead to higher taxes and more regulations, did not want to be in the proposed city and did everything it could be get out.

Schultz and Citizens for Valley Incorporation leaders squared off several times before the state Boundary Review Board and in court.

“We kidded him during the litigation that we were sending so much work his way that he ought to send some of those fees our way,” said Howard Herman, CVI’s attorney and co-chairman.

Schultz said he would, but only if incorporation backers could get their proposal, minus Kaiser, past the Boundary Review Board, which regulates incorporation efforts.

Well, this year Citizens for Valley Incorporation did just that. And Schultz made good. He sent the group a letter March 20 saying that he would support this year’s incorporation effort in any way he could. Attached was a cashier’s check for $500.

“… I hope you will view this letter as another example of Spokane being a place where people can be vigorous adversaries at one point, but retain the mutual respect (and sense of humor) necessary to settle our differences and honor our commitments and responsibilities,” Schultz wrote.

Incorporation on film

They’re too late for this year’s Oscars, but incorporation leaders are hoping for rave reviews for their latest campaign tool: a videotape touting the attributes of their proposed city.

Citizens for Valley Incorporation are spending $750 to have the 15-minute video professionally produced.

“It’s the video age, and we want to let people know we’re in touch with the latest technologies,” said Joe McKinnon, the group’s co-chairman. “It’s a new era of campaigning.”

The tape will contain what group leaders feel is the pertinent information on incorporation and will be available to voters.

“It will address every phase and aspect of the campaign,” McKinnon said. The tape should be available in a week to 10 days.

Meeting update

The next in a series of town hall meetings sponsored by Citizens for Valley Incorporation will be held April 10 and 11.

The April 10 meeting will be at Bowdish Junior High, 2109 S. Skipworth. The April 11 meeting will be at Greenacres Junior High, 17409 E. Sprague.

Both begin at 7 p.m. Incorporation supporters will make a presentation on their proposal and take questions.