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A Tip Of The Hat To Versatile Tilley

Sun., April 2, 1995

Product: Tilley Hat

Description: An off-white, blue, or brown colored hat made of preshrunk cotton with brass hardware. Available in all standard head sizes.

Pro: Hat is washable and preshrunk so there is no fear of ruining the hat by tossing it in a washing machine. Hat floats and has, on several occasions because I failed to secure it properly, gone through rapids sans owner. Brim snaps up on either side to narrow the profile, or offers adequate sun protection when left down. Tight weave of the hat serves to repel rain quite well, even without the addition of a water repellent spray. Unique strap system secures hat to your head better than a singular and often annoying and over-tight chin strap. Unbelievably durable hat. I’ve used mine, since it has a foam insert in the cap, as a makeshift seat and pillow, wedged it into luggage, stuffed it behind my car seat, drenched it in rivers, and washed it more times than I would have thought necessary and still, only one tiny wear spot around a grommet. Amazing! Hat is guaranteed for life. If it ever wears out, Tilley will replace it - they’ve even threatened to replace mine just because it has a few stains, but I won’t let them.

Con: Gee, I really tried to find one shortcoming. Honest I did. If you come up with one, let me know.

Comments: Often imitated, never duplicated - a cliche, but true. I’ve owned my Tilley for over 5 years now and it is a part of every adventure I have ever gone on and will go in the future. Sure, $45 may seem like a lot to shell out for a hat, but think about it … if it is a good looking hat that will last for your lifetime, $45 is a bargain. Add a few fishing flies and a colorful leather braid and the hat becomes downright fashionable!

Suggested Retail: $45 Company: Tilley Endurables, 900 Don Mills Rd., Don Mills, Ontario, Canada M3C 1V8; (800) 338-2797.

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