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The Slice At This Rate The World Will Be Filled In No Time

“Oh, the wonderful world of computerized addresses,” wrote Spokane’s Dorothy Van Slyke.

You see, her husband’s name is Howard Van Slyke. But when he got a letter in 1993 about a dishwasher warranty, it began “Dear Va N. Slyke Ho.”

Uh, nice try.

And just recently, he got another letter about the warranty. This one addressed him as “V. A. N. Slyke Ho.”

Odds of seriously injuring yourself while shaving: 1 in 5,844. - Men’s Health

Odds that people will be grossed out by the sight of food trapped in a beard: 1 in 1. - The Slice

Congratulations: To sixth-graders Lydia Newell and Lisa McHugo, for their winning entries in the Celebrate a Tobacco-Free Spokane Poster Contest.

More celebrity sightings: Gwen Svoboda rode an elevator with Gen. Omar Bradley in El Paso. Walla Walla’s Carol Beatty encountered Jim Nabors in the Honolulu airport. And Moses Lake’s Anne M. O’Malley talked to Ingrid Bergman in a warming hut at Sun Valley, “During WSU spring break MANY years ago.”

Tough guys with feathers: Spokane’s Darlene Eldredge wants the truth known about magpies. “In my neighborhood, they are really very cruel,” she wrote, adding that she regularly sees squirrels get “hammered” by the big birds.

Slice answers: Perhaps our favorite response to the question about the top unwritten rule at your workplace came from a woman at a Spokane plastic surgeon’s office. “Confidentiality,” she wrote.

It’s the thought that counts: An IN Life colleague opened a gift bread box at a bridal shower last week and found inside it a mailing address label and a card intended for someone else. This also came as a surprise to her friends who had bought the gift. The bread box had come right off a shelf at a Spokane department store.

Kid stuff: Joshua Graeber, 4, asked his grandmother how old she was on her birthday. When she told him, he replied “You can’t be that old, you’re not very tall.”

Today’s Slice questions: If you were going to be trapped on a stuck elevator with a Spokane TV or radio personality, who would you pick? Who would make you climb through the ceiling and throw yourself down the shaft?