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Woman Seeking Car Was Tough Customer

A Spokane car salesman was hoping for a sale when he took a woman for a test drive in a used Ford Probe.

She took the car, all right, along with his wallet and cellular telephone. At gunpoint.

The carjacking incident began at the Foothills Lincoln Mercury Mazda dealership in north Spokane about 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, when a customer told a salesman she wanted to drive a car she noticed on the lot.

The salesman obliged.

“It wasn’t an unusual request or anything,” sales manager Rick Rielly said. “It’s customary.”

But as she drove back toward the dealership, the woman failed to turn into the parking lot. When the salesman mentioned she missed the turn, she pulled out a small, black handgun and told him they weren’t going back, police said.

Then she told her victim not to do anything stupid because she was “a professional.”

“Overall she was pretty pleasant, though,” Rielly said. “It was a strange deal.”

Rielly said the salesman didn’t want to talk about the robbery, and declined to identify him.

Steering with her right hand and holding the gun in her left, the woman demanded the salesman’s cellular phone and wallet. When she asked for his watch, he told her it had been given to her by the car dealership to commemorate a certain number of years of service.

She told him to keep it.

The robber did make him empty his change into the car’s ashtray, though.

The woman ordered the man out of the car in the Spokane Valley, near Lily and Boone, and drove away.

“It’s weird she would pick that car,” he said of the $10,000 Probe. “We’ve got $50,000 cars on our lot - sports cars and Cadillacs. It’s like she was going for that particular kind.”

The 1991 Probe is red, has two doors and Washington license plates 780 EGS. The woman was described as white, between 25 and 30 with brown hair. She was short and heavy-set.

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