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Good Box Office For ‘Bad Boys’

It opened to a whopping total of $15.5 million, but the reign of “Bad Boys” may be just temporary - for “Rob Roy” is on the horizon.

Starring Martin Lawrence and Will Smith as a couple of feuding Miami cops, the comedy action/thriller “Bad Boys” easily emerged as the week’s No. 1 film - ousting last week’s top release, “Tommy Boy” (No. 3, $6.12 million).

But according to figures compiled by Exhibitor Relations Inc., “Rob Roy” managed to earn a cool $2 million in limited release. Opening at just 133 theaters, “Rob Roy” averaged $15,213 per location - nearly twice that of “Bad Boys.”

“Rob Roy,” which stars Liam Neeson and Jessica Lange, opened nationwide on Wednesday.

Other debut films did good business for the week, including “A Goofy Movie” (No. 2, $6.13 million) and “Don Juan De Marco” (No. 4, $4.5 million).

A couple of Oscar-winners continue their profitable ways. “Forrest Gump” (No. 11, $1.7 million) upped its total gross to $323.6 million, and “Pulp Fiction” (No. 12, $1.3 million) finally passed the $100 million mark ($100.3 million).

But then there are the quickly fading: “Tank Girl” (No. 16, $700,000, $3.4 million in two weeks), “Tall Tale” (No. 17, $545,000, $6.7 million in three weeks) and “Bye Bye Love” (No. 19, $483,000, $11.4 million in four weeks).