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Georgia Publisher Decides: ‘No More O.J.’

The front-page headline proclaimed “No More O.J.” Next to it: a photograph of Simpson with an “X” through his face.

The publisher of the 11,600-circulation Times-Georgian was simply declaring his newspaper free of stories about the O.J. Simpson trial until it ends. Pat Cavanaugh said his decision was provoked by a reader complaints.

In Wednesday’s edition, Cavanaugh wrote: “Never in my career have I witnessed such a farce and such buffoonery in any news media as is the trial and coverage coming from California,” he wrote.

“We choose to refrain from running the inane absurdities of the O.J. soap opera until the Fat Lady sings. In other words, we are going to tough it out, go cold turkey, and ‘Just Say No!’ until the trial is over.”