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Pretty Much A Guarantee They’ll Watch The TV News

Make of this what you will.

We recently heard from a couple of women who, um, REALLY want to meet KREM-TV’s Charles Rowe.

Stay calm: Stress interviewing, the assault-like process of hitting job candidates with rapid-fire questions, reportedly is making a comeback.

Slice answers: Donn Gehret said his family would have done just fine crossing the West in a covered wagon, providing the cable TV cord could stretch across several states and there was an unlimited supply of batteries for electronic games.

Dan Lien’s pager went through the washer AND the dryer, and lived.

And several readers said Washington Water Power honcho Paul Redmond has the job they covet. Actually, they didn’t really want his position so much as his compensation package.

Total recall: Sara J. Robinson, 3, was making conversation while her mother, Ellen, did the dishes. “Remember when I was in your tummy, and I was hooked to that cord? Well, one time I reached out and touched it…and it shocked me!”

Success story: Rebecca Dickerson’s monthly newspaper serving St. John and Endicott, The Community Current, has been around only about six months. And already she’s got subscribers in more than 20 states.

Wait till May to blame: This is National Reconciliation Month.

So, how’re you doing: “Oh, filled with hopeless longing. And you?” - woman on the phone in a cartoon in The New Yorker

Whatever works: During KPBX-FM’s recent membership drive, one of the on-air- drum-beaters encouraged “drive-by pledging.”

Reality check: The Miami Herald runs a weekly column on the sexes called “Can’t Live Without ‘Em.”

Warm-up question: Has the arrival of an unsolicited direct-mail advertisement for a dating service ever gotten anyone in hot water?

Today’s Slice question: What word best describes the Spokane skyline?


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