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Go Ahead And Hug Your Tree, But Keep It To Yourself, Ok?

Is there some rule that says you can’t do something good for the environment without repeatedly telling all your co-workers about it?

How to prove you’re cheap:

We heard about a boss in the Spokane Valley who recently took his employees out to lunch. The meal lasted an hour, rather than the usual 30 minutes. So Mr. Magnanimous docked everyone half an hour’s pay.

Average wage at Washington software companies: $53,000. - UW’s Northwest Policy Center

There’s a lesson here: Slice reader Ray Tansy told us about a Spokane grade schooler, a friend of his son, who went up for a slam-dunk on a lowered basketball hoop and caught his teeth in the net. This resulted in a nasty oral injury and an emergency trip to the dentist. (He’s doing OK.)

Anyway, Tansy suggested we solicit stories of freak, nontragic accidents.

Coliseum memory: “In February of 1961, Forbes Kennedy of the Spokane Comets hockey team skated off a penalty by keeping the puck for the entire two minutes…The two minutes ended with all the fans standing and cheering.” - Jay Fowler

Shyness can be seriously selfdefeating: If it is keeping you from getting a colon exam that could save your life.

Just wondering: Are the people who threatened to cancel their subscriptions if we printed any more vomiting stories now committed to never missing another installment of The Slice?

Time magazine finds a formula: Hard news isn’t selling? Hey, just put model Claudia Schiffer on the cover.

Our bodies, ourselves: A reader named Tammy said that, at her office, it’s an accepted fact that once a woman becomes pregnant nothing about her body is private.

Warm-up question: Do people who work in medical offices eventually catch everything?

Today’s Slice question: What do residents of southern Idaho and western Washington have in common?