Seahawks Lose Out In Bid For Veteran Receiver Vance Johnson


Vance Johnson might have been out of the NFL last season, but he does have a little bit of elusiveness.

He turned away from a deal with the Seattle Seahawks on Monday to accept a one-year, $275,000 contract from the Denver Broncos. Late last week, the Broncos wouldn’t budge off their $200,000 offer.

In the end, the Seahawks offered $25,000 to sign, a $200,000 base and $30,000 of roster incentives. Fearing they were about to lose him, the Broncos kicked in the extra $75,000.

“I put something on the table with Seattle that I thought Vance would sign for, and then it was one of those ‘go back and check with Denver things,”’ said his agent, Jack Mills. “I truly did not think Denver would move… . He has a strong bond with Broncos coach Mike Shanahan.”

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