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Snapple-Aholic Arrested For Theft

He was sacked for swigging the Snapple he was supposed to be stocking in stores.

Now Kevin Simpkin has been seized for allegedly swiping a Snapple delivery truck while dressed in a Snapple deliveryman’s uniform.

“He just has an uncontrollable appetite for Snapple beverages,” Detective Lt. August Greiner said. “He even had a Snapple T-shirt depicting a bottle of iced tea under his uniform. This guy just loves Snapple.”

Simpkin, 27, of Paterson stole the unmanned truck outside a supermarket in Fair Lawn on Monday, Greiner said. The truck hit a utility pole in Hillsdale and, when Simpkin continued toward New York City, intending to sell the truck and its contents, he got lost in Leonia, Greiner said.

The truck was stopped in Leonia, where Simpkin and his 17-year-old nephew were arrested.

Greiner said Simpkin had recently lost his job with Snapple’s distribution office in North Bergen because he sampled the merchandise.

“I asked if he enjoyed working for Snapple and he seemed agitated and sighed,” Greiner said. “But he seemed more pleasant when he told how much he loved Snapple and always kept a lot of the drinks at home.”