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The Slice What Exactly Is That Doc Up To?

Lisa Jo Marcoux overheard a man talking about his pregnant due-todeliver wife. He said: “If something doesn’t change soon, the doctor says he is going to have to seduce her.”

Wrong turn: “I guess 32 cents really does go a lot further than 29 cents did,” wrote Spokane’s Jill Reynolds. She got a letter from friends in western Washington that traveled here via Fairbanks, Alaska.

This seriously limits the kid: A first-grader we know was talking about a school assignment. She had to write something about rabbits. “It has to be nonfiction,” she said.

From a Rosauers bulletin board: “Do you listen to: Heavy Metal, Alternative, Industrial, Grunge, or music yet to be defined???” The tacked-up notice goes on to provide a local number and more information about an organization called The Heavy Music Network. Now for all we know, that’s a wonderful humanitarian group. But we keep imagining one conversation. “What do you like listening to?”

“Music yet to be defined.”

In other words, he’s fine: An older acquaintance of ours sometimes cheerfully responds to inquiries about his well-being by saying “I’m still able to take nourishment.”

OK, it’s tough to quit: But still, there is something troubling about the sight of parents smoking while their kids run Junior Bloomsday.

Recognizing Reality Award: Goes to the Spokane pastor who, facing a packed church on Easter Sunday, gently offered a helpful hint for identifying the prayer books in the pews. They’re the blue ones, he said.

Pet peeve: For Sandy Martin, it’s a North Spokane grocery across the street from an elementary school that displays misspelled signs.

Warm-up questions: Have you ever seen someone in a Spokane or Coeur d’Alene park fly a kite while smoking a cigar? How many pictures can you display of yourself before it’s weird?

Today’s Slice question: What would be a great nickname for the Spokane River?

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