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What The Militia Movement Believes

Sat., April 22, 1995

Here are major beliefs of the militia movement:

GUNS. The constitutional right to bear arms is being taken away by Congress. As evidence, militia leaders point to the passage of last year’s federal crime bill banning certain assault rifles and the Brady Act requiring a waiting period for handgun purchases.

U.S. CONSTITUTION. Most judges and elected officials no longer follow the Constitution and are stepping on individual, God-given rights. Many followers of the movement embrace a literal interpretation of the Constitution and believe the federal government is crushing states’ rights.

UNITED NATIONS. This world peacekeeping organization is universally despised by the militia. The U.N. wants to usurp authority from the United States and establish a world government. Some militia supporters believe U.N. troops are about to launch a takeover of the United States and strip away sovereign rights.

NEW WORLD ORDER. With the collapse of communism, militia followers fear a

single world government. They angrily blame President Clinton and Attorney General Janet Reno for helping create the new world order.

HOME SCHOOLING. Prayer isn’t allowed in public schools, so many militia followers advocate home schooling. They say there should be no separation of church and state.

SURVIVALISM. Forecasting doom at the hands of United Nations troops, militia supporters advocate stockpiling weapons, ammunition, food and other survival supplies. They envision guerilla warfare led by constitutional patriots.

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