Former Host Of ‘Jeopardy!’ Dies


Art Fleming, the original host of television’s “Jeopardy!” died at home Tuesday of pancreatic cancer. He was 70.

An actor in radio, television, film and theater, Fleming appeared in numerous TV shows, including “Starsky and Hutch,” “Lou Grant” and “Moneychangers.”

He made 48 movies, including “Primetime;” “Airplane II,” with William Shatner, Chad Everett and Sonny Bono; and “MacArthur.” In the latter, he played adviser W. Averill Harriman to Gregory Peck’s Gen. Douglas McArthur.

But he was probably best known for being a TV game-show host.

He was host of “Jeopardy!” when it aired as an NBC daytime show from 1964 to 1975 and during its first year in syndication, 1974-75.

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