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Campus Graffiti Preceded Unabomber Attack


Graffiti bearing initials the Unabomber has used on bombs was scrawled on a university campus just before two bombings, and before the signature became public knowledge, the San Francisco Examiner reported Friday.

The initials “FC” and the word “anarchy” were found spray-painted on the Sacramento State University campus in 1993, said Professor James Hill, head of the university’s chemistry department.

Hill said the messages appeared just days before June 22, 1993, when University of California, San Francisco, geneticist Charles Epstein received a mail bomb. He lost several fingers and suffered a broken arm.

Two days after that, Yale University Professor David Gelernter received a bomb that injured his hands, face and chest.

The return address on one package used Hill’s name and the address of Sacramento State, and the other listed the name of a computer science professor at the school.

The bomber, who has killed three people and injured 23 others in 16 attacks since 1978, has claimed in letters to The New York Times and victims that he is associated with an anarchist group called “FC.”

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