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Postal Employees Can’t Bring Guns To Work

Any postal employee - worker or manager - who brings a gun to work will be fired, the post office’s governing board announced Tuesday.

“Guns won’t be tolerated in postal installations. Any employee who violates this policy will immediately lose his or her job - no ifs, ands or buts,” Postmaster General Marvin Runyon said at a board meeting in Denver.

Postal officials insist that workplace violence is really less common in their facilities than in businesses in general. Nonetheless, the postal service has been plagued by a series of highly publicized killings in recent years, most recently July 9 when a California postal worker pulled a gun from a paper bag and shot his boss in the head.

“Our society has changed so dramatically in the last 30 years that we have reached the point where disputes that formerly were settled by words are now resolved sadly and tragically with guns,” Sam Winters, chairman of the postal governing board, said at that time.

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