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Home Alone, Two Kids Repulse An Intruder

SATURDAY, AUG. 5, 1995

Two kids tangled with an intruder in a real-life version of “Home Alone” that ended with the suspected thief in custody.

Krystle Lorme, 11, and her brother, John Lorme, 10, chased off a burglar who slipped into their home through a window Thursday morning while their parents were away.

The man demanded money from Krystle but she fled upstairs, locked herself in a bedroom and called for help, said Detective Mark Patterson.

The intruder struck John when he refused to let him take the family’s videocassette recorder. Then the boy, 4-foot-10 and 120 pounds, went at the burglar with a flurry of punches.

The burglar fled empty-handed. Based on John’s description, police arrested 21-year-old William Kermon nearby.

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