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It’s Time To Resolve Silly War Over Kootenai 911 System

So, the Kootenai County prosecutor’s office doesn’t think Richard Waller has a legitimate beef against the county’s 911 service? It’s wrong. Waller spoke for many Post Falls area residents when he filed a complaint against the county for charging him $60 over five years for 911 service he didn’t receive. Waller lives in a 911 war zone, just outside the Post Falls city limits. Post Falls responds to fire and ambulance calls from his area but reroutes police calls to the county sheriff’s office. Why? Post Falls won’t join the countywide 911 system until it is guaranteed that the service will be better than the one it is able to provide (read, never). Waller certainly isn’t getting his buck’s worth per month from 911 service. He deserves commendation for trying to force Post Falls and Kootenai County to resolve this silly communications war.

Only drunks drive this stretch of I-90 straight

Traffic delays are a pain to every motorist. But never will they be so welcome as next week when work crews begin fixing the ruts in Interstate 90 west of the state line. Your driving experience isn’t complete until you’ve been passed by a speeding truck on a rainy night as you straddle the I-90 grooves. The roller-coaster ride at Silverwood theme park may be more exciting, but there’s more at stake when you’re driving your family somewhere on this awful section of interstate. No telling how many accidents have been caused by the bad pavement. Of course, once the 10-mile stretch is fixed, the Washington State Patrol will have a tougher time spotting drunken drivers. Now, those who are weaving and driving on the shoulders likely are the sober ones.

, DataTimes MEMO: “Hot Potatoes” is a feature of the Tuesday and Thursday Opinion pages.

“Hot Potatoes” is a feature of the Tuesday and Thursday Opinion pages.