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Success Coming Faster For Diamond Rio

Diamond Rio lead singer Marty Roe is proud of the level of quality and musicianship his band achieved on its most recent album “Love a Little Stronger.”

“We feel like we did the best job we’ve done so far in putting an album together,” said Roe in a recent phone interview. “We feel like we did the best material on it; we feel we did the best performances we had done.”

The effort has paid off for the seven-year-old band, which plays Silver Mountain tonight.

Released last year, “Love A Little Stronger” is the most successful, commercially and artistically, of the three Diamond Rio albums.

The album reached gold sales faster than the last two. It’s expected to climb to platinum any day now.

A year after its release, “Love A Little Stronger” still has a hit single - “Finish What We Started” - still hovering in the Top 20.

“The second album (‘Close to the Edge’) did really well for us and we had some great success with it, but we really didn’t feel that it was up to the standards that we would like,” said Roe. “We think there’s some great stuff on it, it just didn’t do everything we wanted it to.

“This third album, ‘Love Grows Stronger,’ has.”

What makes Diamond Rio’s latest effort such a good album is the depth of the material.

This stems from the fact the band strives to create a cohesive body of work anchored by great songs, not just singles.

“I love to hear people telling us that their favorite song on the record is one of the songs that’s not a single,” said Roe. “That means that you’ve put some great material on the album.”

Roe agrees that the group could have just written singles and cashed in right away. But it didn’t.

“We have always tried to bank on the long-term,” he said. “We enjoy what we’re doing and want to do it for a long time.

xxxx Diamond Rio Location and time: Silver Mountain Amphitheatre, tonight, 7 Tickets: $27.50 and $22.50