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Fri., Aug. 25, 1995

A landscaper trimming bushes at a senior citizens home in the suburbs Thursday was shot in the shoulder by an arrow.

Gregory Hugh Culbertson, 33, of Portland was in fair condition following surgery at Oregon Health Sciences University to remove the arrow, which struck him in the shoulder and then entered his chest.

Gresham police said they traced the arrow to Nelson McReynolds, 39, of Portland, who was practicing at a friend’s house across the street for the opening of bowhunting season Saturday.

The errant arrow went past the target, through a knothole in the boards of a wood fence, sailed across the street, pierced an arborvitae hedge and then struck Culbertson, police said.

“He should have played the lotto,” said Gresham Police Sgt. Dennis Bunker. “The odds of getting hit were about the same.”

McReynolds used a practice tip on the arrow, which police said may have saved Culbertson’s life. A practice tip is about the same weight as a hunting tip, but much duller.


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