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Christmas Fund 1995 Donations Come Straight From The Heart

Giving in memory of someone is such a heart-touching reason to make a gift to The Spokesman-Review Christmas Fund. There isn’t a day goes by that someone doesn’t donate a Christmas Fund gift in honor of a loved one.

Holidays are hard on those who still mourn loved ones - especially the first year of holidays.

Pamela DeRusha, 508 W. Second, gave $500 “in memory of Helen DeRusha-Klein, whose benevolence touched the lives of many. May her kindness and generosity live on in all who know her.”

We didn’t know Helen DeRusha-Klein, but it’s wonderful that her memory received renewed life through a gift that will bring Christmas cheer to children and families she didn’t know.

That memorial gift brought Sunday’s total to $3,510.72, for an amount thus far of $35,952.53. There’s a goal of $380,000 set, with 21 days left to collect it.

Each family applying for Christmas help receives a food voucher to help with the cost of a holiday meal. It isn’t much, but every little bit does help.

A single person receives a $15 voucher; a family of two, $25; a family of three, $30.

The vouchers are increased by $5 for each additional member, until a family of seven or more receives a voucher of $50.

Also, your Christmas Fund gift helps buy quality toys and games for each child in the family, up to 18 years old. The kids’ gifts are bought in quantity at wholesale prices, which makes your dollar donation stretch as far as possible.

Others contributing to Sunday’s total include:

The Center for Work and the Human Spirit/John Scherer & Associates, $300; L. Jeanne Cologne, $300. An anonymous donor gave $250; those giving $200 were Dick and Trudy Raymond, 11923 S. Player Drive, “in loving memory of our parents, Eva Marie Raymond and Donald MacLeod Thomson”; and an anonymous donor.

Two anonymous donors gave $150, including one who wrote: “Each year I always have hope of making this check bigger; so many are in need and we’ve been blessed with so much.”

Those giving $100 were Adam and Dianna Carpenter, owners of Just a Trim Lawn Care, 16 E. 25th, who wrote: “From watching children at our annual Halloween display to our family Christmas party, we have learned that love and laughter is what makes the holidays special.”

Mrs. Frances K. Rudd, 1409 W. Cherrywood Court, gave $100 “in hopes that this check will make someone’s Christmas merrier”; members of the Maverick Sams Chapter of the International Good Sam Recreational Vehicle Club, included the message: “We know your Christmas Fund will distribute the money to make Christmas a little brighter for the needy.”

Also giving $100 were Mrs. Howard McNew, 1311 Westcliff Place; Lloyd B. Avery, 215 W. Sumner; and an anonymous giver.

Ruth and George Swan, 5518 N. Bannen Road, sent $75; those giving $50 were Warren G. Christianson, 2614 E. Heroy, in memory of Bernice M. Henry Tyvan; Adeline C. Price, 6310 E. Sixth, “to help brighten Christmas for some children. Thanks for the job you do”; and five anonymous donors.

Also giving $50 were Albert and Mary Jane Bair, 10610 E. Nixon, “in memory of my father, Lewis Pinney who passed away this year”; Steve, Gail and Ben Quaid, Colbert; Ginny and Jim Dowdy, 9324 E. Mission, “in memory of Dorothy Gaiser, who loved giving gifts to her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.”

Aaron and Shaylee Roberts must have emptied their piggy banks of $30.72 so other children could enjoy Christmas. Sharon A. Boyer, 15615 E. Fourth, gave $30.

It’s well-known that Boy Scouts are prepared. It must be training that’s begun in the Cub Scouts.

Linwood Cub Scout Pack 131 “raised $30 to support this year’s Christmas Fund. Although we are aware that this is a small amount, we hope this will help your cause.

“We hereby would like to challenge any other Cub Scout packs and troops of the Inland Northwest to meet our donation.

“Maybe through our combined efforts we can make a big difference this year.”

Way to go, Linwood Cub Scout Pack 131.

Those giving $25 were Leona Peuck, 2021 W. Glass, “in loving memory of my husband Lee Peuck”; Mary Anne Drake, Pullman; Ken and Ethel Watkins, 5115 N. Stevens, with the thought: “We hope that this will brighten someone’s Christmas”; and D.M. Matsch, 4217 N. Walnut.

Gifts of $20 came from Larry Earl, Sandpoint; Bruce Dietz, 7303 N. Crestline; the Lake Creek Ladies Club, Route 2 Box 31, Worley, Idaho, with a note of appreciation; and S. Scalise, Mead. Carol B. gave $15.

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