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Christmas Fund 1995 Donors Honor Kara Claypool

Spokane residents won’t soon forget Kara Claypool, the little girl who bravely waged a war against a big person’s disease.

Sweet little Kara with her beautiful smile that helped light the world before AIDS claimed her life. She touched everyone who read or heard of her futile struggle.

Two contributors to the Spokesman-Review Christmas Fund on Tuesday gave in Kara’s memory and another donated for all those who die young.

Acknowledging memorial gifts given in the name of children is so difficult. It creates a collective lump in the throats of us all.

In a perfect world, children would not die before they have a chance to experience more of this Earth.

But, since this is not a perfect world, the best we can do is to try to improve the imperfections.

The Christmas Fund helps iron out a few of life’s wrinkles during the holidays.

The three gifts given to Kara and other children helped bring Tuesday’s total to $10,375 for a year-to-date total of $52,714.88.

“For Kara” read the simple message from an anonymous donor with a $50 gift. Carolyn Aultman of Suncrest wrote a note with her $10 gift in Kara Claypool’s memory: “Even though I did not know her, I could tell she was a strong and very brave little girl, so please donate this in memory of her.”

And $100 came from Dennis Landfried, 4820 N. Alameda Blvd., for “all the people who have died too young.”

An anonymous gift of $1,250 received Tuesday will help so many children have a merry Christmas. Sometimes “thank you” is simply not adequate.

The owners and employees of L&M; Truck Sales Inc., 4001 E. Boone, shared their good fortune with those in need and donated $1,000 as a “thank you to everyone in the Spokane area who helped us have a wonderful year.

“It is our wish that this gift serves to add Peace, Love and Joy to someone for the Christmas Holiday.”

Other gifts included $600 from Dr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Asterino, 2110 W. Weile; Plastoptics Inc., 1915 E. Sprague, $400. Gifts of $200 came from John C. Voss, 6021 W. Vale Lane; Mary Lee Tollett, Thornton, who gave “in memory of my husband, Clifford, and my sister, Wilma Selleck and their concern for the less fortunate,” and an anonymous donor.

Giving $150 were Mr. and Mrs. C. Holmgard, 6411 N. Royal Crescent, and Mr. and Mrs. William Harsell, 4515 S. St. Andrews. Solomon and Louise Hill, 11708 E. Skyview, gave $130.

Those giving $100 were the Rev. William and Patricia McTigue Houff, 417 W. 29th; Clinton and Kay Dirks, Sprague; William and Lottie Moldovan, 3033 W. Eloika; Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hodgson, 2925 S. Howard, “in memory of a sister, Frances Bodine”; Gene Fierce, 6015 N. Elm, “to remember my wife’s daughter, Shirley Jean Austin, who will never be forgotten.”

Other $100 gifts came from Donald and Billie Moore, 4330 S. Crestline; Paul Clausen, Spokane; James R. Martin, 2027 S. Parkwood Circle; Steven Scott, Spokane; Earl Adolphson, 3207 S. Jefferson; Steven and Lorrie McNutt, 1102 W. 18th; Karen and Steve Heaps, 11720 E. 18th.

Also giving $100 were Thomas Turbak, 12410 E. Southwood Lane; Clarence and Charlotte Warner, 1638 W. Euclid; Toby’s Body & Fender, 1022 N. Normandie; Clay and Elaine Swisher, 2328 S. Dishman-Mica Road; Bruce and Virginia Whitehouse, Spokane; Carl Johnson, Spokane; and Marvin C. Walters, 6428 N. Fotheringham, who wrote, “That good feeling arises when you know you are helping others less fortunate - especially the children.”

Others giving $100 were Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Prekeges, 3115 S. Howard; Jim Hordemann, 2310 W. Dell Drive; Maurice Hatch, 2721 S. Jefferson; and 12 anonymous donors, including one giving “for the less fortunate.”

Giving $75 were C. Heitstuman, 443 W. 26th; and an anonymous Cheney resident.

Those giving $50 were Mrs. Geo E. Dodds, 1810 E. 39th; Greg and Emily Milstead, 4110 E. 46th Court; the Stanleys, Medical Lake; Edna Irene Jackson, 1508 E. Rowan; Athol Garing, 23 E. 34th; Allan Morrison, 4127 S. Latawah; Vivian C. Miller and Vina Johnson, 312 N. Walnut Road; Jan B. Smith, 707 W. Fifth, “in memory of my mother and father who always made our Christmas so wonderful. May this help to make another family’s holiday brighter.”

Lucille L. Hinch, 7306 N. Standard, sent $50 and this note: “Fortunately, I am in a position to double last year’s contribution to this worthy cause. The need is greater and, perhaps, with the usual generosity of others, your 1995 goal will be reached with a surplus to start 1996. Merry Christmas to all and God bless.”

Freda Eakins McKeen sent $50 “to help with the Christmas cheer you give to so many … in memory of my sister, Louise Gawronski, whose birthday was Dec. 5.”

Other $50 gifts came from Bob Rosman and sons, 1819 E. Queen; John and Connie Overdorff, 4124 N. Stevenson Road; Joan Muir, 7920 E. Valley Way; Anna Floyd, 3424 W. Northwest Blvd.

Also giving $50 were Ray Strange, 2423 W. Longfellow; Lyle and Alice Domrese, 10502 E. Sharp; Ken and Linda Leyde 9615 N. Woodridge Drive; and Bertha B. Booth, 5925 E. 17th, “in loving memory of my husband and son.”

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