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Christmas Fund 1995 Mail Delivery Was Well Worth A Patient Wait

One of life’s little pleasures is waiting for the mail to arrive. It’s been an American passion since the Colonists greeted every ship arriving in Boston Harbor with word from home.

On Tuesday, a very special letter arrived with The Spokesman-Review Christmas Fund mail. It was worth the wait:

Brett Allbery, 3514 W. Beacon, donated $20 to the Christmas Fund and wrote: “I usually think of myself as a poor college student, but knowing I’m helping somebody out at Christmastime makes me feel like a million bucks. Thanks for everything you’re doing to help out people during the holiday season.

“P.S. I could use some help with my ethics homework right now - do you have an ethics fund?” A smiley face followed.

The Christmas Fund Desk thinks Brett Allbery will never have trouble with ethics in the real world. (Picture a smiley face here.)

Also helping to contribute to Tuesday’s receipts were $50 gifts from Don and Carolyn Van Leuven, 5115 S. Pittsburg; Cliff and Evelyn Case, 421 E. 19th, with this note: “We are pleased to be a part of the Christmas Fund and we are pleased also that The Spokesman-Review absorbs all the costs”; Les Albert Masonry, Inc., 8614 E. Whitman; and seven anonymous donors, including one who wrote, “Just helping a bit for our community!” There was one anonymous gift of $40.

Those with $35 gifts were Bob and Velma Hyatt, 1215 W. Cherrywood Court; and Grace Carlson, 3203 W. Fairview; $30 gifts came from Virginia Young, Spangle; Margaret Kelly, 14918 N. Cincinnati; and an anonymous giver who said: “Thank you for this service you render to our community - especially that 100 percent of the money donated goes to the recipients with nothing skimmed off the top. The true Christmas spirit.”

Contributing $25 was Norm and Lisa Talbott, 13602 Valley Chapel Road; Betty Coller, 6321 Upriver Drive; Lewis H. Tarlton, Medical Lake, with: “It’s a pleasure to give to my favorite charity.” Mr. and Mrs. K.R. Trease, 5906 W. Chippewa Court; Warren Elmquist, 2841 W. Lyons; the Tatum family, Chewelah.

More $25 gifts came from members of Spokane’s Garden Springs Happy Hour Club; Arnold and Ardyce LaBrie, 2206 W. Mission, “to help brighten someone’s Christmas”; Arlene Schlosser, 11617 E. Augusta; and Wanda Lemon, 3210 W. Weile, “to help some little guy enjoy Christmas.”

Other $25 donors include Frances Hayden, 12442 E. DeSmet; E.N. Foxton, 3209 S. Tekoa; David D. Moore, Ephrata; Bob, Pansy and Zachary George, Spokane; Mrs. John Fremstad, 2809 W. Everett, who wrote: “I hate to think of people cold and hungry this time of year. I feel very fortunate and enjoy sharing.” Lois Richards, 5910 N. Summit Lane; B. Quaid, 501 W. Bellwood Drive; three anonymous donors, including “Someone on Midwick Avenue who cares.”

Lucille Gallion, 2304 N. Upriver Court, gave $25 with a touching note: “God bless your Christmas Fund! I know too well how sad Christmas can be with no funds and small children, went through it when I was a child, (and) again as a young mother in the early ‘30s, and even now on a small Social Security check. If I didn’t live with my daughter, I wouldn’t be able to meet expenses. I am blessed, too.”

Those donating $20 were Irving Kiehn, 5921 N. Lindeke; Richard Wood, Gonzaga University; June Williams, 330 E. 20th; Joyce Graham, 330 E. 20th; Bea Sorenson, 4024 N. Lincoln; members of the Normandie Garden Club; and one anonymous giver who wished “Happy Holidays and God bless.”

The Dalbeys, Nine Mile Falls, and M.J. and D.B. Dooley, 2615 N. Hogan, each gave $15. Sending in $10 gifts were Mrs. J.H. Hamilton, 1312 E. 15th; Bonnie VanCamp, 6211 N. Normandie; Roy Charlton, 404 W. Central; Dan and Anita Murphy, 3817 E. Seventh; and three people requesting anonymity.

, DataTimes

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