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Mattel To Sell ‘Holiday Barbie’ Vouchers As Demand Outstrips Supply

Wed., Dec. 6, 1995

Demand for the 1995 Happy Holidays Barbie is so high that consumers who can’t find them during the holiday rush will be offered vouchers promising home delivery next year.

With the voucher comes a photograph of Barbie wearing a glittery emerald green gown with a white Victorian collar sporting appliqued holly berries.

That’s not enough for some buyers, who lined up outside stores, posted messages on the Internet and even got in fights in their quest to appease sugarplum-minded children.

The vouchers go on sale Dec. 16 and the dolls are to be delivered by April 30, said Karen Stewart, a spokeswoman for Mattel Inc.

The doll is the eighth in an annual series, but is the first to get a second run of production or to be sold through vouchers, she said.

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