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Christmas Fund 1995 A Child Shall Lead Us In Example Of Giving 10-Year-Old Valley Boy Donates 10 Weeks Of Allowance To Fund

Jason Wilcox is one special little boy.

His gift to The Spokesman-Review Christmas Fund represents a lot in his life - both in terms of money and love.

Imagine yourself donating 10 weeks of your salary to a charity. That’s what Jason did. He gave his allowance for 10 weeks to the Christmas Fund - in the memory of a loved one.

His parents, Dean and Renee Wilcox, 11006 E. 25th, mailed a check for $100 and wrote: “Papa Tom loved children and they loved him. Our son Jason misses Papa very much and this year we feel very fortunate that we may help spread the kind of joy that Papa Tom did.

“In loving memory of Papa Tom, Jason is giving 10 weeks’ allowance and we are putting in the rest so that others can have a happy holiday season.”

Adults usually assume the role of Santa Claus, but this time around, it’s Jason who represents the spirit of Christmas.

Papa Tom would have loved it.

Jason’s gift helped bring Wednesday’s total to $7,798 for a year-to-date sum of $60,512.88.

We need so many more Jasons - and his adult-sized counterparts - because $329,488 must still be received to meet the $380,000 goal.

And, Christmas will be here before any of us are ready. Actually, it’s only 18 days away. That’s enough to send shudders down one’s spine. So much to do, so little time.

Won’t you please take a moment to think about Jason and the love he had for his Papa? Think about what would drive him to shake 10 weeks of precious allowance from his piggy-bank to help spread Christmas joy to other children.

If a child can make such a gift, can adults do less? No one is asking that readers give 10 weeks’ income, only that those who can will give what they can.

If you decide to donate to the Christmas Fund, be assured that every cent goes to make Christmas brighter and cheerier for our low-income neighbors and their children. Your money will help pay for food vouchers for Christmas groceries and to buy a toy or game for every child in each family.

Other gifts in Wednesday’s mail included three anonymous $500 donations, including one from two Spokane postal clerks who wrote, “We like the fact that every penny goes to the needy and not to administrative costs. That’s why we feel 100 percent good about giving to this charity.”

An anonymous Sandpoint donor gave $250; contributing $200 were the Mastellers, 8912 N. Kensington Drive; and an anonymous couple who gave with the thought that “some of us are fortunate and others are less fortunate. To help a little, this gift is in memory of Jack.”

The Gail Burchetts, 5928 N. Post, gave $175, more than their gift last year, “thanks to all our can-saving friends.” C.J. Schroeder, 15815 E. Longfellow, donated $168; giving $150 was J.K. Byrne, 5113 S. Helena; and Mac and Kathy McCaffree, 5015 S. Helena, who added, “We feel privileged to share a small amount of what God has given us.” There were also two anonymous gifts of $150.

Sending in $100 was T.S. Smith, Veradale; H.A. and Rachel Everest, 9701 N. Ridgecrest Drive; Helen Mayberry, 1802 S. Carnahan Road; the Hinnen family; Mike Howson, 4921 W. Londale Court; Robert Materne, 13515 N. Crestline; Robert T. Crawford, 1612 W. Gordon; E.M. Cozzetto, 5323 N. Cedar; and Bob Frank Homes, Inc., 4615 W. Coventry.

Other $100 gifts came from Mrs. Averil E. Goff, a former Spokane resident who now lives in Milwaukie, Ore., but remembers the Christmas Fund each year; Pat J. Sheehan, Peyton Building; Mr. and Mrs. Gene Herritt, 5112 N. Hutton View Lane; Ray and Margaret Caldwell, 13112 E. Main; SueLani and Craig Madsen, Davenport; William and Deborah Pierce, 8024 E. Gunning Drive; Anna J. Nelson, Creston; Judy Crabb, Cheney; and David Breshears, 6616 N. Calispel.

Barry, Marilyn and Sabrina Rookey, Nine Mile Falls, sent $100 “in honor of our parents, Sam and Doris Gruettner, who always made our Christmas special. May the love of the Christ child bring hope to all this Christmas season and throughout the new year.”

Giving $100 was Betty Franks, Othello, “in loving memory of my husband”; Karin Overbeck, Deer Park, in memory of Jim; and four anonymous donors.

The Replogles of Deer Park sent $75; Harvey Lochhead, 14718 N. Edencrest Drive, $60 in memory of Dorothy’s mother, Ruth Hill, who “died this year and is with Jesus. We will always remember her for her continuous outpouring of non-judgmental love.”

Sending $50 gifts were Bud and Gelene Griffiths, Nine Mile Falls, and their daughter and son-in-law Diana and Paul Brown, and daughter Melissa Brown from Kalama, Wash.; Jack Oldroyd, Grand Coulee; Alex VanderWilde, 5705 E. Woodlawn Drive; Mary V. Oliver, Odessa; Audrey Mason, 5718 N. Alberta; Ted G. Byers, 5823 Northwood Drive; Mrs. Frank J. Moore, 4015 S. Sundown Drive.

Other $50 donations came from Joanne and Randy Sherwood, Wilbur; Earl and Marjorie Marr, Spokane, “in memory of Fran Mills, our cousin who died Oct. 22.” Wilma James, 1020 S. Whipple Road, in memory of her son Tom; Archie and Carol Wilson, 117 S. Flora Road; Local 14, Retired Ironworkers; Norman Klein, 2617 W. Providence; Wanda Nichols, 9707 N. Fotheringham.

Also giving $50 were Dick and Ann Collins, 8715 N. Kelly Court; Sue Eastman, 2321 S. Davis Court; nine anonymous givers, including one “in memory of my dear husband who always helped the less fortunate in our city.”

Giving $30 was Cody Depew, 11107 E. 23rd; Kris Spelman, 1504 E. 18th; Kelly, Alycyn, Katie and Ryan Snyder, 406 E. Shiloh Hills Drive, in memory of their grandmother, Alice Rich, who died Aug. 11: “We hope this will help bring a little holiday cheer to those in need. … It’s so nice to know every penny goes toward the purpose for which it is intended.” And Warren and Joni Omans, Otis Orchards.

Contributing $25 was Robert Atwater, 3320 S. Grand; Rosina Fairbanks, Four Lakes; Mr. and Mrs. George R. Martin, 3902 W. Princeton; Ray and Katherine Killian, 1211 E. Lyons, in memory of Russell and Carl Killian and Doris Little; Marleen Veltri, Loon Lake; Mrs. Harold Bulley, 325 W. Cascade Way; Helen Oliver, 1233 W. Francis; and Mary Blackinton, 1233 W. Francis..

Other $25 gifts came from Willard Wormuth and Kristine Nestoss, 9313 E. Valleyway; Eunice Auyers, 5317 N. Elgin, and her family in “loving remembrance of our Grandpa Les”; Linda Gambill, 5224 W. Shawnee; the Martson family, 1808 W. Mission, in memory of their brother, Paul Martson; the BOF Thursday Bridge Group; Don and Belle Hickey, 2916 N. Ella, in memory of their friends, Ellis and Ella Johnson.

Other $25 donations were from N. and L. Haile, 6105 N. Smith; Mr. and Mrs. Jack Primmer, 7515 E. South Riverway; and four anonymous givers. Nadine Klobusicky, 3612 E. 16th, gave $20; an anonymous donor and Jean M. Rabe, 3804 S. Alder Drive, each gave $15; sending $10 was Evelyn Bader, 11704 E. Sixth, “in memory of my dear husband, Walter”; D. Carter, 1323 E. Decatur; R.B. McIntyre, 3923 E. Fifth; and a person requesting anonymity.

Clare A. Crisp, 500 E. 29th, and Dwayne-Long, Reardan, each contributed $5.

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