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Shawn Bradley may be the stiff du jour on the NBA menu, but there are other entrees. In case you missed it, here’s a recent box score line for Trail Blazers center Chris Dudley: 12 minutes, no shots, no free throws, no rebounds, no assists, one turnover, one blocked shot - and six fouls.

You’re on the air with WCOX

Bryan Cox loves a good lawsuit. The Dolphins linebacker last year sued the NFL for forcing him to work in a racially hostile environment in Buffalo in 1993 - you know, when he flipped off Bills fans.

Now he’s filed a $15 million suit against WIOD-AM and Phil Hendrie, who imitates Cox’s voice and said Cox was homosexual and was leaving his wife.

“What I want is some money, and I want some people fired,” Cox said. “It’s just that simple. I don’t want an apology. They can keep that. I’m fed up with the media down here in general.”

Hendrie has been doing impersonations of Cox for about a year. Though he doesn’t sound much like Cox, some listeners believe it’s the player saying coach Don Shula is washed up or running back Bernie Parmalee fumbles too much.

The kicker: Cox has his own talk show on WIOD. He must clean it up a little for radio, though, judging by his remarks after the Dolphins salvaged victory over Atlanta last Sunday.

“I don’t want to read no negative (bleep) in the paper tomorrow. We finally (bleep) won a game,” he said. “That’s all that should be said: Hooray, the Dolphins won a (bleep) game for a change. None of this (bleep) negative missed opportunities, none of this (bleep). I’m tired of this punk (bleep).”

Just don’t vote on gold medals

A former spokesman for track and field’s governing body says he was instructed to alter the results for the IAAF’s 1994 Athletes of the Year. Chris Winner has since resigned while IAAF general secretary Istvan Gyulai called the charges “childish.”

Winner said British hurdler Sally Gunnell was the top vote-getter among women last year, as she was in 1993. But when he informed IAAF president Primo Nebiolo of the balloting, Nebiolo said, “Oh no, not the Englishwoman again.”

Ten days later, Winner received 30 ballots on his desk in an unmarked envelope - all naming Jackie Joyner-Kersee. Winner said he was ordered to accept the late ballots, adding that he still has them and that all were in the same handwriting. He also claimed he was ordered to drop British hurdler Colin Jackson from second to fourth in the men’s balloting.

The IAAF was to announce its 1995 winners at a gala Saturday.

Just wear what you wore last year, Sally.

That explains the towel

Danny Tarkanian was quoted in the Los Angeles Times as saying his father, Jerry, cried when he read his first Danielle Steel novel. As Tim Keown of the San Francisco Chronicle noted, Tark’s teams rebounded a lot better before he got so sensitive.

The last word …

“Those underachieving, selfcentered, finger-pointing, overpaid Dolphins wouldn’t get away with that nonsense if Don Shula were still the coach.”

Bernie Lincicome, Chicago Tribune

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