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Heavy Snowfall Blankets Bosnia

Almost two feet of snow fell on Sarajevo in 24 hours, blocking public transportation and cutting water and power to much of the Bosnian capital on Wednesday.

Near-record snowfalls also were recorded in Tuzla, future headquarters for the 20,000 U.S. troops participating in the 60,000-member NATO force policing Bosnia’s peace, and in Pale, the Serb stronghold east of Sarajevo.

In Tuzla, about 50 miles north of Sarajevo, cars and trucks, including several U.N. vehicles, slid into ditches along the twisting country roads around the airfield, blanketed overnight with snow.

U.S. Air Force pilots were able to land several C-130 cargo planes filled with supplies, using a radar system set up just days ago.

U.N. and Bosnian workers continued to prepare the air base for the more than 1,000 Americans who will be working there.


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