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Screening Trout

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If you’d like to add another wildlife print to your room , but you’re out of wall space, put the picture on your computer screen.

Clear Creek Productions has released a new “Trout ThemeScreens(TM).” The screen saver, developed with support from Oregon Trout, includes 24 different images of well-known and rare trout. The images are based on the scientifically accurate award-winning work of author Ed Lusch and artist Ron Pittard.

Clear Creek donates a portion of every sale to organizations that aid wild trout and their ecosystems, including the Trout Unlimited research project to better understand Whirling Disease, the ailment that is plaguing trout in 20 states, most notably in Colorado and Montana.

Trout ThemeScreens provide more than just an animated aquarium. The pictures of trout include some of the most accurate images of North America’s premier game fish available. Among the 24 images are the rainbow, the Gila, the sea-run coastal cutthroat, the steelhead, the Snake River finespot, and the Arizona or Apache trout.

Many of the species are either endangered or threatened. The effect is that of a multiple projector slideshow, except the display is a computer monitor instead of a screen.

It’s simple to install and includes a feature that allows you to add your own digital images to the slide show.

Cost is about $30. Info: 1-800-TROUT95, or via Clear Creek’s world-wide-web page at ““tilde” symbol)clearcrk/.”