Christmas Fund 1995 Fortunate Give For Better Christmas Memories

TUESDAY, DEC. 19, 1995

“No child should be without a small toy and a little candy,” wrote Bernice Wegman, 317 E. Courtland, with her $25 donation to The Spokesman-Review Christmas Fund.

Bonnie Olson, 3219 W. Northloop, sent $25 and shared her memory of the Christmas when she received only fruit and nuts as a gift from her church and how much it hurt to go back to school and hear about all the gifts her friends received.

An anonymous woman gave $25 in honor of her 14-year-old daughter who asked that instead of spending money on her this Christmas, it be given to charity.

Brothers Brian and David Lee, 1304 S. Browne, shook out their piggy banks for the Christmas Fund so other kids their age will have toys. Brian, 6, had saved $1; David, 4, collected $1.10.

Those are the reasons for the Christmas Fund.

An anonymous couple gave $75, and another anonymous donor gave $73.58.

Giving $50 were Floyd and Beverly Lee, 1304 S. Browne; Jeff and Brenda Danner, who gave in the names of Karl and Clara Danner; Marilyn Barnes, 527 E. Augusta; Dion and Tami Haught, Spokane, who gave in honor of their mother Carol’s 50th birthday on Christmas - and Carol, who gave another $50 in honor of her own birthday.

Also giving $50 were Denise Breen, 4017 S. Lacey; Merlin and Joyce Jespersen, 3623 W. Heroy, “to make Christmas more meaningful to someone in need”; Ed and Lauretta Eik, 3019 S. Davis Road; and Grace and Wallie Libby, 14211 N. Rivilla Drive, “in memory of our dear friend, Maty Rowley.”

A former Spokane resident who now lives in Detroit remembers the Christmas Fund from his growing-up years here.

“I am now in a financial position to help others a bit, so I wanted to share my bounty with the people in my hometown.”

Other $50 gifts came from Mr. and Mrs. Ron Jacobs, 5405 W. Woodside; Charles and Marilyn Miles, 2921 W. Beacon; Joe and Cindy Gleesing, 4225 S. Bowdish; and eight anonymous donors, including one who gave in memory of the woman’s mother and brother, both of whom died this year; and another in the names of Alyssa, Jordan and Jack.

Teresa Duncan, 4520 N. Gustavus, gave $40; there was an anonymous gift of $35 “to bring a smile to one child’s face”; and Jeff and Brenda Danner, 2111 S. Fawn Drive, gave $30. Donating $25 were Todd Hamm, 4021 W. Bismark Place; Mrs. C.H. Bartoo, 2417 N. Howard; and Jack and Betty Hammond, 2221 W. Longfellow.

Other $25 donations came from Merle and Julie Rose, Deer Park, “in loving memory of our mothers, who made Christmas a very special time for our families”; Macie York, 8621 N. Scott Road; Chrissy Laca, 808 E. Sharp; six anonymous donors, including “any mouse,” and one made in memory of the donor’s parents, John and Emma Peerboom.

Giving $20 were the H. Rouleau family; Norval and Sharon Gibson Jr., 1918 E. Desmet; and a person requesting anonymity. Mary E. Parker, 2704 N. Nelson, gave $15; and B.J.A. of Deer Park gave $10 and wrote: “I don’t have much, but hope this helps a little.”

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