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Sarajevans Wonder: Is Victim Last Of War Or First Of Peace?

Tue., Dec. 19, 1995

Evilja Kevlic was just another streetcar passenger in Sarajevo Monday morning - until she was shot in the arm by a sniper and blinded by glass from a shattered window.

The incident occurred just four days after leaders of Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia signed a treaty ending 3-1/2 years of war in Bosnia.

It sent shudders through Sarajevans who don’t know whether the 30-year-old woman is their last war casualty or the first victim of peace.

U.N. officials will hand over control of their mission in the war-ravaged city and nation Wednesday to a NATO-led force of 60,000 troops.

They said they were investigating the shooting Monday, which occurred - as so often since Sarajevo was besieged in April 1992 - on an infamous stretch of divided highway that runs in front of the battered Holiday Inn.

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