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Christmas Fund 1995 Onion, Workers Serve Up Big Gift

Have you ever wanted something so much that you could taste it - and the closer you came to attaining it, the sweeter the taste became?

Anticipation tingles.

That’s how it is with The Spokesman-Review Christmas Fund.

Chances of reaching the $380,000 goal seemed remote when the Christmas Fund began the day after Thanksgiving. Officials with the Salvation Army, Catholic Charities and Volunteers of America said the goal was a conservative estimate of what it would cost to help our needy neighbors enjoy a happy Christmas.

Still, it was so much money.

But now, with each day’s Christmas Fund donations, the taste is sweeter; the goal is attainable.

Wednesday’s receipts totaled $63,537.97. The fund now stands at $320,709.72 - with a “mere” $60,000 to go.

Larry Brown, president, and the gang at the Onion restaurants donated $5,225.18, a gift as sweet as any could be.

Brown delivered the money with this note: “Thank you for this opportunity to give! All of us at the Onion restaurants look forward to helping at this special time each year.”

Onion employees have a payroll deduction specifically designated for the Christmas Fund. Onions Inc., matches the contributions.

The next time you order a side of their great onion rings, tell your waiter, “Thanks” for their thoughtfulness.

Garco Construction, 4114 E. Broadway, also matches the donations of its employees, said James T. Welsh, president. This year they contributed $2,500.

Also giving $2,500 was the Rowand Machinery Co., 6210 W. Rowand. Gordon W. Rowand began giving to the Christmas Fund years ago. His sons, Gordon H. Rowand, president, and David C. Rowand, vice president, continue the tradition.

Richard Davis, CEO of World Wide Group, LLC, Opportunity, mailed a $2,500 check from the company and its employees, noting that the Christmas Fund provides all of Spokane “the ability to experience the true meaning of Christmas, as Christ intended.”

Excell Foods, 3204 E. 17th, contributed $2,500 “to share in the joy and festivities of the season,” wrote Terry G. Sparrow. “Together with those willing and able to provide some assistance and cheer, we can make this a happy Holiday Season for everyone.”

The employees of Evans, Craven & Lackie, P.S., 818 W. Riverside, contributed $1,933, “dedicated to our dear friends, Will Shrape and Bob Henderson.” The letter was signed by Andrea Roland, Peggy Kirkpatrick, Bonnie Nussbaum, Susan Connelly, Barbara Bergstrom, Kristy Dunham, John Iki, Patty Brown, Amy Clemmons, Greg Kane, Jim Craven, Hugh Evans, Tim Durkin, Roger Coombs, Terry Lackie, Becky Magnusson, Lisette Carter and Jerry Cartwright.

Banner Furnace & Fuel, 122 N. Helena, donated $1,200.

D&D; Auto Body, 110 N. Park Road, contributed $1,000 with a note from Douglas R. Harding, manager: “In order to return a small amount of the rewards we reap living and growing in this wonderful community, I am offering this check to you so that you may help others.”

Other $1,000 gifts came from Ross Printing Co., 1611 E. Sprague; Broadway Truck Stops with a note from Tom Hemingway: “It would be great if this could be done more often during the year”; EZ Loader Boat Trailers Inc., and its sister companies, Spokane Galvanizing Inc., and Amrad Products and Supply Co. Inc., sent this note from David A. Thielman, CEO: “This is one way of saying thank you to a community that has supported us so well over the years.”

Doug and Duane Justus of Justus Bag Co. Inc., 11205 E. Trent, sent $1,000, on behalf of the late Roland Justus, their father, whose favorite charity was the Christmas Fund.

More $1,000 gifts came from the attorneys and staff of Douglas, Eden, Phillips & DeRuyter, P.S., with a note saying, “Although we aren’t ‘big business,’ we are happy to be able to help.” The letter was signed by Ronald Douglas, William Eden, Marc Phillips, Daniel DeRuyter, Suzanne Bretting, Joann Grennell, Chris Chase, Kristy Berrety and Robbie Beyer.

Other $1,000 gifts came from Smith Barney Inc., 717 W. Sprague; Debbie Mumm, president of Mumm’s the Word, 2900 N. Nevada, wrote, “We feel very fortunate to live in such a caring community”; Max J. Kuney Co., 120 N. Ralph; and a couple who signed their card, “All our Christmas love, Bailey and Rudy.”

The management and staff of Pathology Associates Medical Laboratories, 11604 E. Indiana, sent $710; NAPA Spokane Distribution Center, 501 N. Freya, sent $422 donated by the employees and $250 from the company with this message: “Hopefully, no children in Spokane will have to wake up to no presents under the tree.”

Employees of Anderson Peretti & Co., Certified Public Accountants, P.S., 708 N. Argonne, donated $639. A law firm requesting anonymity contributed $605.

The Spokane Chiefs Hockey Club “skated up” $510. Giving $500 were Gifford Consultant Inc., 2020 E. Springfield; Mel Griffith, Spokane; Physical Therapy Associates, P.S., 3020 S. Grand Blvd.; the Claims Department of All State Insurance, 1807 N. Hutchinson Road; members and families of Taylor Engineering Inc., 106 W. Mission, “so more can have a bright Christmas.”

In memory of Derek, Loren, Steven and Justin Schliebe, the Schliebe Family Trust donated $500 “for the children of Spokane.”

Other $500 gifts came from Geneva Ward, president, on behalf of the Spokane Restaurant & Hospitality Association, Nine Mile Falls; Pinnacle Realty, 9 S. Washington, with the wish that “every child in our community has a Christmas”; Humanix Temporary Services, 111 E. Magnesium Road.

Christie Querna gave $500 left over from her Spokane School Board campaign: “Because I feel my contributors gave in the spirit of providing what is best for all children and their families, I’m confident that their wishes could be extended to your wonderful cause.”

There were two anonymous donations of $500. Employees of Carlson Sheet Metal, 3603 E. Broadway, gave $415; the McManus family of Ephrata, gave $375 and challenged all Bloomies $5 a year for every year they’ve run. Their family toted up: Joe, 20 years; Chandra, 19; Marilyn, 18; Jason, 3; Christie, 8; and 5-year-old Tashia, 6.

The staff of Randall & Danskin, P.S. 601 W. Riverside, gave $350. So did S.G. Morin & Son Inc., Contractors, 214 S. Washington, and Yadon Construction Specialties Inc., 202 N. Napa.

Central Valley High School civics and government students said the Christmas Fund best represents what they have learned about charity organizations. “We have come to realize the important sense of community and involvement,” the students wrote. They gave $318.65.

Giving $300 were Gordon and Betty Bailey, 4136 S. Altamont, in memory of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Wallen and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bailey; Bill’s Auto, 4203 E. Weile; the Spokane Committee of Operation Stop, Burlington Northern Railroad; and the doctors and staff of Drs. Kapstafer, Maixner & Genung, 105 W. Eighth and 5901 N. Lidgerwood.

The staff of R.W. Robideaux & Co., 421 W. Riverside, gave $270 rather than have a gift exchange. Giving $250 was Donald and Luann Petersen; Ronald and Shirley Schoenberger, Liberty Lake; David Gumaer, 5109 N. Allen; the Saulsberry family in memory of Bob and Brian Henderson; and Dr. Arnold Cohen and Dr. Colleen Carey, 3514 S. Jefferson Drive.

Other $200 gifts came from Natalie Parrish’s grandparents, Pat and Diane Sullivan, 706 E. Edenderry Court; Sharon and Frank Sell, Liberty Lake; Sam and Janet Whitcomb 4616 N. Ella Road; Mr. and Mrs. Lee Jones, 108 W. 19th; Tillman and Audrey Hunt, Newport, “in honor of our more fortunate children and grandchildren and Jerry Camp Sr.”; and Bruce and Kathy Bixler, “to help others have a very merry Christmas.”

There were six anonymous $200 gifts, including one for the “little ones who are waiting for Santa.”

Employees of Ecoline Manufacturing, 9919 E. Montgomery, gave $185.35. Members of Krazy 8’s Family Square Dance Club gave $190. The staff of Dr. Ann-Marie Monson elected to join the “true spirit of Christmas” and donate to the Christmas Fund in the name of their employer and her husband, Donald Cain, rather than buy her a “storebought gift.”

The seventh-grade boys basketball team at Cataldo Catholic School went caroling and collected $175 for the fund. Dr. William Philip Werschler was paid $175 to remove tattoos from seven gang members, which he gave to the Christmas Fund: “It is not my policy to charge for a program that I view as community service,” he wrote, adding the money “will further benefit youths in the community.”

Gifts of $150 came from The Bayne Company Co., 5415 E. Sharp; Karen and Kim Macduff, 1521 E. Overbluff Road; and D.N. Fitzgerald, 12903 E. 26th. Junior Girls 1435 of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, gave the $159.91 they earned selling Buddy Poppies last May.

Giving $150 was Anthony and Sally Grabicki, 611 W. 21st, and Phyllis J. Francis, 4214 Magnolia, in memory of Robert L. Francis. Howard and Viola Lade, Medical Lake, gave $50 along with $150 from the Reorganized Church of Latter-day Saints; Dr. John Ames, 101 W. Cascade Way, gave $150.

Also giving $150 were Jeff, Stephanie and Jay Kreshel in the names of the Kreshel, Wright, Page and Jasper families; Associated Power Services Inc., Houston, Texas, with Spokane offices at 201 W. North River Drive, which donated to the fund rather than send formal holiday cards to business associates; Trail Wagons, Yakima, in honor of Jerry Camp; Herb and Sue Millhorn, Worley, Idaho; and Bill and Sharon Harris.

There were two anonymous gifts of $150, one for $135 and one for $130.

Giving $125 was Thompson Chevron at Third and Monroe and Joseph A. Johnson, 2606 E. Nicklaus. The Spokesman-Review’s Circulation Department donated $110.75, and Vitner’s Wine Co. gave $104.50.

Making $100 gifts were Gladys Rader, 710 E. Euclid; Tom and Nancy Nelson, 17908 N. Meadowbrook Road, in memory of Julie, age 5; Bruce and Dianne Parsons, 107 E. Sumner; H.J. Burns Company Inc.; Bridget, Hank, Billy and Emily Ward, Post Falls; Diane Drysdale, 223 W. Ninth; W.H. Miller, 2223 E. 36th; Tom, Bette, Katie, Ben Brattebo and Edie Shire, 9307 E. Morgan; Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Reynolds, 5505 S. Perry; Lorraine Riddle, 5521 S. Crestline; Richard Hubbard, 126 W. Nebraska; and Sgt. Kathy Chapman, Fairchild Air Force Base.

Others giving $100 were Loretha Hitchcock, 13310 E. 13th; White Rose Chapter; Eric and Beth Calkins, 452 W. 25th; Mr. and Mrs. Echelbarger, Deer Park; Mr. and Mrs. Tompkins, 16313 N. Pittsburg Lane; Carl and Anna Rabe, 7004 W. Johansen, Nine Mile Falls, “in memory of Mom, Dorothy Lewis”; the management and staff of Felts Field Aviation Inc.; and Roy and Roberta Forsberg, 3316 W. Bismark, with this note: “as a former prisoner of war for 46 months, I suffered many hardships so would like to do my little bit for those less fortunate than us.”

Tom Kasson, 3828 E. 17th, gave $100, as did F.N. and Ida McKinley, 53404 S. Wood Road, Cheney, and Employees of Ecolite Manufacturing, 9919 E. Montgomery.

Daniel, 10, and Andrew, 6, wrote with their $100 gift: “On this, the second night of Hanukkah, we decided to give gifts to The SpokesmanReview Holiday Fund instead of ourselves. We hope this gift of money and toys helps brings the joy of Holiday Blessings and Happiness.”

Other $100 donations came from Thomas D. Pitzer, 7911 E. Woodview; Steve and Vick, in honor of Ned and Buzz Fadeley, Chuck and Rob Canfield; Factory Sales Inc., 307 N. Sycamore; Joe, Mary, Connor, Riley and Clark Dinnison, 6205 S. Ferrall Court; Greg and Jerry Kreshel; and Keegan Shores.

Also giving $100 were Mr. and Mrs. H. Fuhs, 5220 S. Perry; Allen Peery and Suzanne Browne-Peery, 3602 S. Morrill Drive; James Walesby, Almira, Wash.; Ray and Susan Holcomb, 1321 E. Saltese; Landau Associates Inc., 908 N. Howard, “for the children”; and Cindy Hook, “in honor of survivors of domestic violence.”

Also giving $100 were:

Gerry, Margie, Mira and Forrest; Jack and Micki Saad, 221 N. Wall, in memory of Jerry Camp Sr.; Robert and Mary Louise Howard, 2707 E. 37th; Arthur and Violet Thoma, 3517 W. Crown Place; the family of Bridget Dinee, in loving memory, “who always remembered the children”; Mary and Dana Besecker, 10015 N. Comanche Drive; Peter Sherve, Northport; Paul and Irene Flynn, 1222 W. 17th; Casey and Beverly Neilsen, Almira; Grant Putnam, 1801 E. Upriver Drive; Gregory A. Smith, 1105 W. Eighth.

The dieticians and dietetic technicians of the Greater Spokane Dietetic Association; James Welsh family in memory of Jerry Camp Sr.; TJN; Tom and Elaine “in memory of our parents and hoping for a few more smiles on Children’s faces; and 21 anonymous donations including those in memory of Frank Harrison; Mary Briggle; Sister Mary Gruber Thompson; M.J.G.; and one given in the spirit of Christmas. Another anonymous giver gave $100.30.

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