Christmas Fund 1995 Santa’s Sack Nearly Filled

FRIDAY, DEC. 22, 1995

As a woman read an article about The Spokesman-Review Christmas Fund, a Sunday school song from 60 years ago popped into her mind:

“Have I done any good in the world today?

“Have I helped anyone in need?

“Have I cheered up the sad and made someone feel glad?

“If not, I have failed indeed.”

How appropriate for the Christmas Fund.

In recent weeks, Spokane area residents have indeed helped their neighbors in need, cheered up the sad and made them glad by supporting the Christmas Fund.

All of you truly have done good in the world this Christmas season.

Thursday’s mail brought $34,852.57, making a total of $355,562.29 toward the $380,000 goal.

Owners and employees of Huppin’s Photo, Hi-Fi and Video, 419 W. Main, donated $1,527, stating, “The Spokane community has been very good for us. We are glad to share our blessings with others.”

Employees at Allied Security, 425 W. Second, gave $1,500 to the Christmas Fund, “which would have gone for gift certificates from our good customer Albertsons, (but) is being donated to those who need it more than we do,” wrote Terry E. Hunt, president.

Contributing $1,000 were Power City Electric, 3327 E. Olive; Dr. and Jo Lehman and family, 5629 N. Lidgerwood; Safway Supply Inc., 1507 E. Sprague, on behalf of their employees and customers in lieu of cards and gifts; and May-Davis Inc., 5227 E. Trent.

Each year, the Spokane office of the Washington State Patrol holds an auction to raise money for charity. This is the fifth year they’ve held the auction, and the fifth year the proceeds have gone to the Christmas Fund. Sgt. Chris Powell, Trooper Bob Watkins and Phyllis Taylor, communications officer, delivered $665.

Agrium U.S. Inc., 601 W. Riverside, gave $600, with employees from Agrium and Cominco American Inc., donating another $175.09 for a total of $775.09; Cominco American Inc., 601 W. Riverside, contributed $600.

Dr. and Mrs. Bill Bronson, 1314 S. Kahuna, gave $525. Donating $500 were Platter’s Pharmacy, 400 E. Fifth; Thomas and Cathy White, in memory of his father, Raymond E. White; A.W. Rehn and Associates, 140 S. Arthur; Providence Services, 9 E. Ninth; Ken and Linda Hull, Colbert; Yoke’s Pac ‘n Save Foods, 3426 S. University Road; employees of the Bonneville Power Administration; and an anonymous donor.

Bruce Andre, 10502 E. Montgomery, gave $400. Employees of D.A. Davidson & Co., 221 N. Wall and in the Valley, gave $390, saying the “Christmas Fund is a wonderful community effort and we support it with pleasure.” BPS, Best Products Sold, 218 E. Trent, and its employees gave $350.

Making gifts of $300 were the Sisters of Providence, 9 E. Ninth; Bob and Mikki Folsom in memory of Randy J. Folsom; and International Refugee Council of Spokane, 130 S. Arthur, “in gratitude to the many volunteer sponsors and helpers, but most of all for Spokane’s welcome and friendship.”

Philip and Cheryl Tagariello, Spokane, gave $300, as did Dr. Walter Fernau Jr., 8314 Mount Spokane Park Drive; Michael and Pamela Senske; and an anonymous Liberty Lake donor.

Gifts of $250 came from James and Molly Philopant, 2010 W. Courtland; Mutual Travel, 601 W. Main; Brian and Ann Hawkins, 424 E. 21st; McCoy’s Craft Village, 706 E. Sprague; and an anonymous giver who appreciates “contributing to an organization that sees to it that those in need receive all the benefits.”

Gifts of $200 were received from Cheney’s Nighthawk family: Pete, Virginia, Bluesky, Sunshine, Josh, Robin and Jay; the Audubon Terrace Branch of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; and Bill and Karen Mahar, 1224 E. Bismark, in memory of Karen’s father, George K. Beck, who died last January, who “will never be forgotten!”

Digatron, 8102 N. Freya, contributed $200, with a note saying the Christmas Fund “gives a special meaning to the phrase, ‘human kindness.’ We see the value of giving, and by each of us contributing a little, we can accomplish a lot.”

Others donating $200 were Chance and Olivia Johnstone, who wrote, “because we are so fortunate, we want to share our Christmas with those who are not as lucky as we are”; John E. Erickson, Deer Park, “in memory of loved ones lost and the touching support of many wonderful friends”; Jim and Salli Sledge; Richard and Connie Stacey, 4712 S. Magnolia; and three anonymous donors, including “from Santa, in memory of Frank Peters.”

The Shadle Park Pharmacy, 1620 W. Rowan, sent $167. Employees of the Latah Center for the Developmentally Disabled, 5913 S. Inland Empire Way, gave $165. The staff at Woodridge Elementary, 5100 W. Shawnee, gave $160 rather than exchange gifts.

Rob and Stacy Cossey and Ed and Jean Payne also donated $160 rather than exchange gifts. “We wanted to do what we could to keep the spirit of Christmas alive,” they wrote. “There is a certain magic to Christmas that is felt by both the giver and receiver. Thank you for providing the opportunity for us to have a little Christmas magic.”

Beverly Griffin and Jerry, Darice, Kellie and Sarah Wolverton gave $152 in memory of John and Ethel Trowbridge and Jim Griffin.

Giving $150 were employees of Spokane Media Federal Credit Union, 905 W. Riverside and 9001 E. Euclid; Peter Witherspoon, 3305 W. Rutter Parkway; Tom and Gini Halliwell, 824 E. Syringa; and Darrell and Caroline Fladager, Veradale.

Other $150 gifts came from Tom and Sue Mauer, 10322 E. 26th; Margaret Hurley and Leonard Peterson, 730 E. Boone; Joe and Amy Galloway, 4306 S. Miami; and Rich, Carol and Scott Hendershot, 6007 Hopi Court, who wrote, “while love may make many Christmas dreams come true, love also needs a tangible ‘push’ sometimes. We have been richly blessed this year and wish to share some of Christ’s love with others.” There were two anonymous $150 donations.

Employees of Burlington Northern Sante Fe Railroad, Spokane, gave $140. Daly, Cara, Maryellen and Clare Cooley, 1111 W. 16th, gave $135, as did the employees of Inland Northwest Distributing Inc., 2003 N. Waterworks, on behalf of Gary Verhey and Mike Romine, with a note that said, “Each year as we reflect on our own trials, we need to focus on those whose needs are real.”

Margaret Meyers, 6204 S. Martin, gave $125 in lieu of gifts to her adult siblings in memory of their father, Gordon Meyers, who died in 1993. Other $125 gifts came from Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Schultz, Harrington; Albert Materi, 812 W. Frederick, “in memory of Rose and all members of my family who have gone to their place in heaven. RIP”; and an anonymous donor.

The Green family, Rathdrum, gave $113.91, including $13.91 from their 6-year-old son who saved his money all year. “He hopes someone can buy a nice, big Christmas dinner” with his donation, his mother wrote. Tech. Sgt. Floyd and Annya Garner, 1632 E. Nebraska, gave $110.12, with $5.10 from Kassandra, $5 from Karunya Patnaik, and 2 cents from Jesse.

Mrs. Byrne’s second-grade class at South Pines had a “Penny Parade” to help other families; their collection was matched by Byrne for a total of $105.54.

Making $100 contributions were Bixby Machine Tool Supply Inc., 1218 N. Fancher Road; Bill and Gerrie Hobbs, Veradale, in memory of Marilyn Miller; Robert M. and Mrs. Earl A. Ellis, in memory of their father and husband, Earl A. Ellis; employees of Together of Spokane and Coeur d’Alene; and John and Claire Fitzgerald, “in loving memory of Claire’s mother, Lena London.”

Other $100 donations came from Nick, Carolyn and Chase Ogden, 446 W. 18th; Carmela Conroy in memory of her grandparents, Mark and Marie Hood and Forrest and Elsie Conroy; Megan, Emily, Manya and Bob Powell, 4431 S. Myrtle; Warren Poppe, 4721 N. Vista Road; Gary and Teresa Maples, 3710 E. 49th; James and Arlene Cowan, 6019 N. Park View Lane; Steven and Kim Jones; and John, Willie, Kevin and Kyla Woods, Veradale, “in loving memory of a wonder mother and grandmother, Olive Woods.”

The James family, Sally, Andy, Lindsey and Kelley, Colville, gave $100, as did June Powell, 2225 W. Rockwell; G. Zimmer, Mead; and Arthur Sturdevant, Cheney, “in memory of my beautiful bride of 34 years, Suzanne - we all miss her so much. God Bless.”

Other $100 gifts came from Robert Adams, 8914 E. States Lane; Ralph and Sue Tinsley, 11521 E. 32nd; Ed and Karla Carrillo, 8518 N. Northview Road; the Stones, 13324 E. Saltese; Bernice Rindal, 5427 W. Ridgecrest Drive; and Elna Anne and Wilbur Paulson, Rosalia, saying “what motivates us are our parents, Robert Leona Paulson and Dewey and Georgia Sharp.”

Martin and Naomi Ota, 13020 Valley Way, gave $100, as did Gretchen and Donald Wolfe, 2807 S. Freya; Karen Nichols, 3924 E. Courtland; John and Alexis Chasse, 4916 N. Sipple Road; Joe and Jean Barrett, 4107 N. Ash; Harold and LaRene Haberman, 223 Rockwood Blvd; the Spokane Chapter of CPA Wives Auxiliary; and Stahl Optical, Fifth & Browne Medical Building; Alpine Home Products, 9300 N. Market.

The four employees of the Fairfield Branch, United States Postal Service, gave $100 as a challenge to other small area post offices. Other $100 gifts came from Mignonne and Marshall Shore, 2616 E. 58th Lane, in memory of their daughter, Tina Shore; Donn, Jeff, Kristen, Pat, Sally and Sharon, and Ollie, the cat, of Bemis Veterinary Clinic, 404 S. Pines Road; and the Woman’s Club of Spokane, 1428 W. Ninth.

Also contributing $100 were Mikelson Industrial Supply Inc., 860 E. Trent, in lieu of sending Christmas cards to their customers; Fire Specialties Co., 3933 E. Boone; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kempston, Chattaroy; and Lorraine Cannon of Klein Hansen Realtors, “with thanks to my customers and clients for their loyalty and business.”

William and Elsie Creed, 5017 N. Stevens, gave $100, as did Sandra Quinn as a “Thank you to my great bosses at Spokane Oncology Hermatology”; Dorene and W.R. Reynolds, 4527 N. Bemis; John and Jane Evans, 4029 S. Easy Lane; and Chris and Karen Tollackson, 8710 N. Country Homes.

Ron and Pat Clayton, 3123 E. 19th, gave $100 to “express a huge gratitude to two anonymous women, who, in the early ‘60s allowed us to adopt infants. Mike and D’Lee have brought joy and meaning into our lives, and their families add immeasurably to the blessings, Peace to all.”

Also sending $100 were Robert Lemoine, 6509 N. Fleming; Elsie Hester; William and Carol S. Barber, 2115 E. 34th; and 14 anonymous donations of $100, including one in memory of Gretchen F. Tunnell.

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