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Christmas Fund 1995 Readers Show Record Generosity Whopping $421,715 Raised For Needy Families


A total of $421,715.80 was raised for the 1995 Spokesman-Review Christmas Fund.

That’s a record amount, surpassing the previous high of $413,597 in 1992.

“Thank you” is hardly enough to say to all those who contributed to the fund. But when that “thank you” is repeated by 13,438 children and 12,639 adults - it’s a lot said.

Those are the numbers of people celebrating a happier Christmas Day because they received your Christmas cheer.

But, instead of cold, impersonal numbers, imagine the happy face of a little kid opening a gift this morning - a gift, if not from you, then because of you.

In your mind’s eye, look at the wonderful grin on that little one’s face and enjoy it. There’s nothing as sweet as the smile - or giggle - of a happy child. Let the image make you smile.

During the 10 days the Christmas Bureau was open, volunteers helped an average of 200 applicants an hour, said Ken Trent, executive director of the Volunteers of America and Christmas Bureau director.

“They’re exhausted,” Trent said Saturday morning of the 50-plus people who faithfully helped others have a happy holiday.

There’s an intensity to their jobs that they can’t easily escape, Trent said.

The record-giving amount “says a lot about the community we live in,” Trent said. “It’s a community in actuality” as well as locality.

Any money left over after paying this year’s expenses for food vouchers and toys will be used as seed money for next year’s drive. Trent can take advantage of afterChristmas sales, buying toys in bulk, sold below cost.

And, it’s all because of the 3,049 individuals, businesses, groups … who gave so generously to the fund.

Thank you all - 26,077 times over.

In Saturday’s receipts of $17,358.90 was a $1,516 gift in matching funds from Acme Materials & Construction of Spokane and Richland and its employees. President Steve Robinson wrote they “believe that no family should be without during this holiday season.”

Sedgwick James of Washington, 601 W. Main, gave $1,500 on behalf of its employees and clients.”From our family to all the families in our community, our best wishes for happy holidays and a prosperous 1996.”

There was an anonymous gift of $1,200, and a gift of $1,058.40 from Sacred Heart Medical Center, resulting from contributions made by those who attended “a special Christmas meal for the staff, volunteers and visitors in appreciation of the ongoing efforts of our entire staff who serve and care for our patients,” wrote Gerald P. Leahy, president and CEO.

The employees and managers of Rings & Things in Riverpark Square donated $1,000; B.V. and Janet Baker, Clayton, gave $600 in memory of Tom and Jim Baker; Rosie and Dr. Jim Quigley, 2105 W. Pacific, gave $500, as did Dr. Samuel and Rosemary Selinger, 905 S. Pepper Tree Lane; Harry Barge, 5218 N. Riblet View Lane; and an anonymous donor.

Jim Sayles gave $400; the owner and employees of Carr Sales Co., 919 W. First, donated $352; Cody, Catlin and Suzy Dix-Harris, 7510 S. Cook brought in $352.66, mostly in coins they’d been saving.

Sam and Anne Thoen of Samann Investments, 5019 S. St. Andrews Lane, gave $300 with, “Thanks, Spokane for the many fine years we’ve spent in business in Spokane”; Spokane Diagnostic Radiology gave $300 in the names of James and Kathie Wilhelm. The employees of Mr. Tux, with three Spokane shops, also gave $300.

Employees of Spokane Mental Health Center, donated $278; employees of Sears NorthTown gave $172.27; employees of Witherspoon, Kelley, Davenport & Toole, P.S., gave $270 in memory of Robert “Bob” Taylor, father of a co-worker, who recently died.

Contributing $250 were Dianne Allison, Liberty Lake; Dick and Vickie Davis, 5210 S. Cree Drive, who wrote: “God has blessed us so much that we need to share with others, following the wonderful example set by our friends Ron and Georgia Lee Puryear”; employees of MTM Mechanical, 24 N. Stone; Tri States Rebar, 6620 N. Market; Alexandra and Jonathan Bray, 4401 S. Perry; and Champion Concrete Pumping, Post Falls.

Shaina and Gabe Bloom, 11647 N. Fairwood, contributed the $200 their grandparents sent them for Hanukkah and Christmas. “We couldn’t think of anything we really needed,” they wrote. “We know other families are in greater need than us.” Thanks, kids.

Bayer Pharmaceutical, 3525 N. Regal, also gave $200, as did Bob Voris and Phyllis Holmes, 2946 W. Grandview; and an anonymous donor. Employees of Regency Care Center, 44 E. Cozza, gave $165, with a note that said, “Many of our employees need assistance themselves, yet they are still willing to donate to help others.”

Donating $150 were Erik Ohlung, 3804 S. Skyview; Christian Family Fellowship, 8013 E. Knox; Mary Ann McKnight, 3505 E. 30th; and Michael and Barbara Olszewski. The Skaufel family gave $125 in memory of Bonnie Peterson, and Sean gave $120 in memory of his grandfather, Ralph Bitter, “who lived Christmas every day.”

Gifts of $100 came from Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Adamson, 4713 E. 40th; Marin Fode, Lind, in memory of her husband, Ed Fode; Ada and Van W. Emerson, 1721 S. Pierce Road; Mr. and Mrs. R.A. Hodneland, 10602 N. Overview Drive; Mary Ann and Gary Solberg, 8201 N. Wilding Drive; and Nancy McGregor, 1809 E. Rockwood Blvd.

The nieces and nephews of Uncle Jeff and Aunt Deby, who give them gifts each year, included this letter: “This year in honor of all the children who are less fortunate than us, we are donating our gifts in a check for $100: Kimberlynn Chadwell, Idaho; Michell and Peter Chandler, Spokane; Melissa and Brian Knight, Sandpoint; Morgan and Chaz Little, Seattle; and Trevor and Chandler McClure, Spokane.

Others giving $100 were Cameron & Associates, Land Use Consultants, 8419 N. Northview; Daniel and Kathryn Sander, 8315 E. Bridgeport; Tom and Sara Holahan, 9512 E. Upriver Drive, in memory of Patricia Holahan; Bill and Enid Sagvold, 2612 S. Hargreaves Court; and William and Donna Davies, 1235 W. Bellwood.

Gifts of $100 also came from the Dan Huntington family, 723 E. 20th; the great-grandchildren of Mary Erma Philips, who gave in her memory; Mr. and Mrs. Weremiczyk, 9315 Cedar Road; Allen and Audrey Garceau, 2646 E. 40th; Stephen Noland and Linda Martin, 15 E. 26th; and the parents of Kevin Schafer, David Schafer, Ryan Goodell and Amber Goodell.

Contributing $100 were Jan and Dick Ahlquist, 2210 Southeast Blvd., in memory of Jerry Camp Sr.; Ed and Freda McKeen, 2219 W. Houston; Clark Hege of Creative Mortgages, 711 E. Third; Elaine, Theresa and Debbie “in memory of our Grandpa Flanigan, whom we lost this year and Grandpa Schucker who passed a way a couple of years ago”; and George Manning, 6619 N. Stevens, “in loving memory of ‘our Mom,’ Mae Kjack, who always made Christmas special for the family.”

Hilary and Brady Hargrove gave $100 as did Dr. Bruce and Ann Dentler, 7711 N. Panorama Drive, “to wish a merrier Christmas to our community”; Henry and Dorothy Waelti, Pullman; Holistic Physical Therapy, 807 N. Sullivan; Brian and Dawn Schaefer, Cheney, “in loving memory of my grandmother, Ona RosenBerger; and National Association of Investors Corp., Inland Empire Council.

There were 10 anonymous donations of $100, one in memory of Jerry Camp Sr. “May the peace and love of the Lord brighten some family this year on Christmas Day,” read the note with $105, which included $5.16 from the donor’s children, 4 and 7 years old.

Giving $85 were the employees of Pella Windows “in honor of our president, Dale Dupree. He is one great boss!”; the crew at the Sportsman Cafe and Lounge, 6410 N. Market.

Also giving $85 were Annette and Brett Fontana, Beau Crisp and Leanne and Jeff Crisp and family. “in honor of grandparents Richard and Leanne Beaudry, Marie Krause, Horace and Sarah Ramsey, Kenneth Crisp and Nick Stefnauk, and in honor of Frank Krause and Ruth Crisp, our surviving grandparents who still help their grandchildren keep the Christmas spirit alive year after year.”

Employees of the South Side and Valley offices of Spokane Optical, 427 S. Bernard and 12525 E. Mission, gave $77; contributing $75 were Michael and Carol Nissley, 11504 N. King Arthur Drive; James and Ellen Sizer, 3308 N. Columbia; Bill and Janet Heiber, “in loving memory of Don and Ann Heiber, Bill’s parents who died Dec. 3 and Dec. 11 of this year.”

The Milhem children, 6311 S. Nola Court, gave $75 in coins; there were two anonymous gifts of $75; and the Tomlinson Black Spirit Committee, 3124 S. Regal, also gave $75. Timothy Herold, 9 years old, 303 W. 13th, gave $71 in coins; and an anonymous donor gave $68.81.

Jeri Shagen of the FOB Club of Fairchild Air Force Base wrote this letter with the group’s $70 gift:

“On Sunday, Dec. 17, dear friends from FOB Club met to share friendship and holiday greetings. Our dear friend, Eugene ‘Buster’ Shankle, was not longer with us.

“In memory of Buster, we collected $70. … Hope this will bring cheer and big smiles to some children and families on Christmas. He so loved little children. This gift would make him proud. We sure miss him.”

The employees of LinCare Inc., 505 E. Third, gave $61.08; and Darrell and Terry Jo Sather, Mica, gave $60.

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