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Arkansas Militia Head Arrested In Hawaii

Fri., Dec. 29, 1995

The leader of an Arkansas citizens militia group, arrested here for allegedly alluding to future bomb targets after the Oklahoma federal building bombing, was a candidate for the Hawaii Legislature in 1990.

Sheriff’s deputies here, acting on a tip, arrested Stewart D. Waterhouse, 38, formerly of Mountain View on the Big Island, as he arrived at his father’s Kalihi home Wednesday.

He faces extradition to South Muskogee County, Okla., said Ernest Moritomo, sheriff’s administrator.

In a letter to Oklahoma officials protesting the arrest of three fellow militia members, Waterhouse claimed to be a lieutenant colonel in the Citizen Militia in Osage, Carroll County, Ark. The letter made references to future bomb targets in Little Rock if two men and a woman arrested after the April 19 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building were not released.

The trio were identified as Willie Ray, Cecilia Lampley and John Dare Baird.

Waterhouse ran for the state House seat in the Big Island’s Kau district as a Republican, but lost to Democrat Jerry Chang by nearly 3,400 votes.

Waterhouse campaigned on insurance reform, and was anti-abortion, anti-spaceport and anti-geothermal, and proposed restoring the initiative process, which he said the Legislature took away.

Waterhouse said marijuana laws were turning the Big Island into a police state.


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