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Condom Ads Stay On Radio Despite Hospital’s Objections

A radio station will continue using a condom commercial featuring the sounds of a couple having sex even though two other advertisers are withholding their business in protest.

Meriter Hospital and Physicians Plus, both of Madison, told WZEEFM they would not purchase advertising time as long as the Sheik Condom commercial was aired.

WZEE prepared an editorial Wednesday calling the hospitals’ action “morally and ethically bankrupt.”

“It’s just beyond my comprehension that a health-care provider would take this position,” said station general manager David Graupner.

“If that ad keeps one person from getting AIDS or prevents one unwanted pregnancy, it is worth it,” he said.

Mae Knowles, a spokeswoman for Meriter and Physicians Plus, said the opposition does not interfere with their mission of providing quality health care.

She said Meriter and Physicians Plus were not taking a stand against condoms or all condom ads, but rather against “the manner in which the ad is presented.”

The Sheik commercial has been aired since October and has drawn few listener complaints, said Graupner. And no other advertising client has ever terminate its account because of any condom commercial, he said.

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