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Serbs Allow Aid Convoy Into Sarajevo

Serbs opened a key road into Sarajevo to international charities Wednesday. But the route was kept closed to everyone else in the Bosnian capital, cut off from the outside world since July.

U.N. officials, who have been trying to get the road open under terms of a Dec. 31 truce agreement, said two trucks carrying construction materials crossed into the government-held suburb of Dobrinja.

“The fact that it is open to anyone is a success,” said Enrique Aguilar, the U.N. chief civilian affairs officer. “We’ll see more humanitarian aid entering the city.”

With other access roads available for U.N. aid transports and the airlift into Sarajevo working without a hitch in recent weeks, the limited opening of the road near the airport appeared to be a modest concession by Serbs.

The Bosnian government had at first pressed for access to all, then for local aid agencies, but was rebuffed on both counts.