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Legislative Log


HB3 (Speaker) Brings the controlled substance list into conformity with federal regulations.

HB4 (Speaker) Provides correct references to the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

HB62 (Speaker) Changes code references from U.S. Veterans Services Bureau to Department of Veterans Affairs.


HB122 (Appropriations) Allocates $12 million to pay bills for catastrophic health care for the poor that counties would otherwise have to pay.

HB123 (Appropriations) Allocates $7.1 million to pay for last year’s forest and range fire suppression.

HB124 (Appropriations) Makes an emergency appropriation to the state Controller’s office.

HB125 (Appropriations) Allocates additional money to the Water Resources Department for the current budget year.

HB126 (Appropriations) Reduces the existing budget of the Parks and Recreation Department by about $110,000.

SB1006 (Judiciary and Rules) Repeals Section 18-301 of Idaho Code dealing with double jeopardy for criminal offenses.

SB1038 (Finance) Reduces current appropriation to Department of Health and welfare by $53.1 million.

SB1040 (Finance) Reduces current appropriation to Department of Lands by $415,000.

SB1041 (Finance) Supplemental appropriation of $806,500 to Department of Parks and Recreation in current budget.

SB1042 (Finance) Supplemental appropriation of $35,000 to Department of Fish and Game in current budget.

SB1043 (Finance) Supplemental appropriation of $290,000 to Department of Correction in current budget.


SCR101 (Judiciary and Rules) Changes legislative rules to clarify that written minutes of committee meetings are the official record.


Marvin Aslett, Jerome, to the Idaho Horse Racing Commission.


HB178 (State Affairs) Eliminates requirement to obtain signatures on nominating petitions for political office; doubles filing fees.

HB179 (Local Government) Provides mechanism for changing the name of a taxing district.

HB180 (Agricultural Affairs) Authorizes transfer of public livestock market charters to a new facility.

HB181 (Health and Welfare) Makes it a felony if a person who is required to register as a sex offender applies for a job at a day care center.


SB1073 (Commerce and Human Resources) Prohibits severance pay for any employee who quits a government with authority to levy taxes.

SB1074 (Commerce and Human Resources) Authorizes acceptance by the state of certain out of state deposits.

SB1075 (Education) Requires every school district receive no less than 90 percent of the state aid for education it received the previous year.

SB1076 (Education) Allows school districts to appeal for additional staff allowances under the school distribution formula.

SB1077 (Education) Raises from $30 to $45 the application fee for teacher certificate.

SB1078 (Education) Adds $10 to the driver training course fee.

SB1079 (Education) Authorizes school districts to set dress codes.

SB1080 (Education) Authorizes school districts to set dress codes.