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Making Tracks Wallace Trucks In Snow To Make Streets Slick Enough For Annual Snowmobile Gathering

Don’t ask George Schaefer what he thinks about trying to have a Snowfest without snow.

“What do you mean, no snow?” asked Schaefer, a member of the Silver Valley Snowmobile Association. “The whole damned street is full of snow.”

It’s true, though unseasonably warm temperatures threatened to leave the streets of Wallace wet and bare for its second annual snowmobile bash.

But on Friday, Shoshone County crews, the city of Wallace, Bill Zanetti, Harry Voltolini and other volunteers spent most of the morning moving the snow from one spot where it’s still plentiful, the parking lot at the Galena Mine near Wallace.

Last year, also devoid of snow, snowmobilers had to trailer their machines around town, said Lance Stanley, a snowmobiler who owns Wallace’s Brooks Hotel.

“This year, they can ride right down the middle of the road,” he said.

Today, riders will make the trek from Mullan up to Lookout Pass, where there’s plenty of snow. Then, they’ll head then back to the Hale Fish Hatchery. Evening events will take place in Wallace.

“It would be nice if there were more snow, but really, as long as we can go to it, who cares?” asked Kathy Lessard, a member of the Spokane Winter Knights snowmobile club.

Mike and Trudy Bacino traveled from New Orleans to attend the event. They said they planned to throw beads and doubloons in Friday’s torchlight parade.

“There’s a ton of snow still up high,” said Marcy Hayman, a Snowfest organizer. “I know people probably feel sorry for us when they come into town,” she said. “But when they leave, they’ll have had a heck of a good time.”

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