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Legislative Log

Sent to governor

SB1047 (Finance) Supplemental appropriation of $50,000 to State Library Board for installation of new telephone system.

HB139 (Appropriations) Provides emergency appropriation for the state Historical Society in the existing budget.

Introduced in House

HJM2 (Transportation and Defense) Urges Congress to approve national highway programs prior to Sept. 30, 1995.

HB183 (Revenue and Taxation) Diverts $3.5 million, half of the revenue from last year’s 10-cent per pack cigarette tax increase, from public school substance abuse programs to pay for county juvenile probation services.

HB184 (Local Government) Provides that territory within a fire protection district which is annexed shall remain liable for outstanding indebtedness.

HB185 (Agricultural Affairs) Allows an exception to requirement for vaccination of calves against brucellosis if provided by rules.

HB186 (Transportation and Defense) Establishes Off-Road Bicycle Recreational Fund through registration fees on off-road bicycles.

HB187 (Transportation and Defense) Allows for delivery of separate statement of release when a motor vehicle has been sold, releasing previous owner from all liability.

HB188 (Transportation and Defense) Makes technical changes to laws on motor and aviation fuel taxes.

HB189 (Transportation and Defense) Allows waiver of law requiring child under age 4 or under 40 pounds to be transported in child safety device if operator of vehicle is responding to physical or medical emergency involving the child.

HB190 (State Affairs) Clarifies authority of state Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Professional Land Surveyors to require continuing education.

HB191 (Revenue and Taxation) Allows development impact fees to be applied statewide, not just in Ada County.

Introduced In Senate

SJR103 (State Affairs) Repeals constitutional provision governing public and private corporations.

SCR111 (Commerce and Human Resources) Calls for a re-evaluation of benefits in the health care plans under the small employer and individual health insurance availability acts.

SB1090 (Finance) Provides an emergency appropriation to the governor’s office in the existing budget.

SB1091 (Finance) Provides an emergency appropriation to the Health and Welfare Department in the existing budget.

SB1092 (State Affairs) Rewrites the performance auditing law to ensure that the Joint Legislative Oversight Committee can operate in secret.

SB1093 (Judiciary and Rules) Includes disputes involving up to $3,000 in personal property within the jurisdiction of small claims courts.

SB1094 (Judiciary and Rules) Removes court-ordered restitution in cases under the Youth Rehabilitation Act from the $2,500 limitation.

SB1095 (Judiciary and Rules) Revamps operations of the Board of Commissioners of the State Bar.

SB1096 (Resources and Environment) Reduces the amount of water authorized to be diverted under a defined domestic purposes water rights.

SB1097 (State Affairs) Revamps elections laws.

SB1098 (State Affairs) Authorizes the charging of a fee for copying public records.

SB1099 (State Affairs) Puts the state Liquor Dispensary under a commission.

SB1100 (State Affairs) Revises the distribution formula for profits from liquor sales.

SB1101 (State Affairs) Unifies all state legal services under the direct control of the Attorney General.

SB1102 (Local Government and Taxation) Allows counties to elect commissioners by district rather than countywide.

SB1103 (Local Government and Taxation) Rewrites library district laws.

SB1104 (Local Government and Taxation) Reduces percentage of voters needed to qualify a county initiative or referendum from 20 percent to 10 percent but requires a minimum of 100 signatures.

SB1105 (Local Government and Taxation) Exempts sales by the Kootenai Tribe at its Bonners Ferry store from state sales taxes.

SB1106 (Local Government and Taxation) Requires salaries of county elected officials to be set by ordinance in September.

SB1107 (Local Government and Taxation) Authorizes creation of countywide drainage districts.

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