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And Now, For Our Stars!

Fri., Feb. 10, 1995


Integra ($15,000-$22,000) GS-R 3- and 4-door models get new optional leather; a new LS Special Edition gets cosmetic upgrades and the base, 142-hp powerplant…The too-cool, all-aluminum, 275-hp, mid-engine NSX($73,000-$76,000) goes topless with a targa-style open roof; look for it at the end of March.. The excellent 5-seat Legend ($33,000-$42,000) is essentially unchanged for 1995 in anticipation of an all-new ‘96 model…and Vigor is out, but Acura isn’t saying what’s in - although by the time this appears, the new car will have debuted at the Chicago Auto Show.


A host of nomenclature changes at Audi, and its Quattro all-wheel-drive system becomes available throughout the line. Beginning with the 90-series ($28,000-$38,000), the 90S becomes the 90 and the 90CS becomes the Sport 90, which gets lowered suspension, sport seats, 5-spoke aluminum wheels…A6 ($35,000-$50,000) is the new name for 100-series Audis. A6s get a mild facelift, new taillights and new fabric. An aluminum-bodied A8 will replace the V-8 Quattro, but not ‘till ‘96… If you can find one, the rare S4 lives anew as the S6 ($50,000-$53,000) with larger wheel openings, taillights, front air dam and exhaust pipes. It’s an AWD, 5-cylinder 227-hp screamer…Cabriolet ($39,000-$42,000), a great open-air experience that debuted last year, won’t change for ‘95, except for some new colors.


You’ll soon see a new Bimmer for the 3-series ($22,000-$41,000), a 318 compact dubbed the 318ti; the little hatchback will get its with power from the 138-hp 4-cylinder behind the 318i and 318is, both of which get optional sport suspension, tilt steering, alloy wheels and upgraded stereo. The 318 lineup is bolstered by the presence of the radical M3; for ‘95, it gets an optional automatic transmission and 325 models get wood-trim cockpits…The recently-revovated5-Series ($41,000-$60,000) The recently renovated remains untouched except for a new 6-speed tranny for the already outstanding, 8-cylinder 540i. 7-Series ($59,000-$85,000) An all-new 7-Series rolls out to its adoring public this year. The new models are bigger, more powerful and even more luxurious than before. The new unibody is lighter and 100 percent more rigid and legroom for rear-seat passenger grows, too. The extended-wheelbase 740iL/750iL is a monster. The 4-liter V-8 is unchanged, but the 5-liter V-12 grows to 5.4 liters and 323 hp…In the 8-Series lineup ($69,000-$105,000), the midlevel 850Ci also gets the benefit of the larger V-12, as well as the addition of a new, electronically controlled 5-speed automatic.


Century ($15,500-$21,000) More comfort features for ‘95 and a new instrument panel grace this aging but sensible mid-size family-mobile…LeSabre ($20,000-$27,000) Nothing much changes for this 6-passenger, front-drive workhorse, which is both Buick’s sales leader is the nation’s best-selling full-size car…Park Avenue/Park Avenue Ultra ($26,600-34,000) A new front end and a freshened instrument cluster for the powerful, luxurious Park Avenue family…Regal ($17,000-$24,000) Inside and out, it’s a fresh Regal for ‘95, with a new passenger-side airbag, revised instruments and controls and new premium radios. The seats and door panels get upgrades and check out the ComforTemp system with dual controls. The exterior gets the treatment, too, with new grillework and moldings for a freshened appearance…Riviera ($28,000-33,000) Riviera took a year off and came back as a hot, new luxury-sport competitor. Sleek lines, stylish interior, front-drive and GM’s potent 3.8-liter V-6 (with optional supercharger) give new Riviera owner’s plenty to crow about…Roadmaster ($24,000-$31,000) Popular Roadmaster sedans and wagons prove there’s still room for full-size, rear-wheelcars. New for ‘95 are redesigned seats, larger exterior mirrors and new stereo options…Skylark ($14,000-21,000) With styling reminscent of the ‘30s, you won’t mistake the Skylark for its entry-level competitors. All three levels come standard with a 2.3-liter, 150-hp DOHC Quad 4, which now has balance shafts for smoother operation.


DeVille ($28,000-$34,000) Note the price of entry - suddenly, Cadillac seems like a value. The best-selling, 6-passenger, frontdrive DeVille is loaded with standard gear and, for ‘95, gets new, improved airbag control system and wiper-activated headlights…DeVille Concours ($37,000-$40,000) This stretched, frontdrive version of the Seville is a big, luxurious, front-drive sedan that handles like a smaller one. Wiper-activated healights are new this year..Eldorado ($35,000-$44,000) Cadillac’s only 2-door has front-drive and the Northstar engine. The Touring Coupe launches 300 hp. Trim upgrades are new for ‘95…Fleetwood ($34,000-$40,000) At 225 inches, the longest production sedan money can buy. Power is by a 260-hp 5.7-liter V-8 and towing capacity is 7000 lbs. Keyless remote entry, central locking and automatic door locks are new…Seville ($38,000-$44,000) Minimal changes, but why mess with a good thing? The uplevel Touring Sedan Luxury Sedan both get structural stiffening, quieter exhaust systems and wiper-activated headlights.


Astro ($16,000-$26,000) Chevy’s roomy truck-based van gets a fresh face and new standard equipment Air conditioning, Solar Ray glass and the 4.3-liter, 190-hp OHV V-6. Only the extended body version is offered in ‘95 and all-wheel-drive is optional…Beretta ($12,000-$17,000) Beretta gets a new rear supension for an improved ride and the 4-cylinder, 5-speed models are smoother this year. The sporty Z26 trades the 2.3-liter Quad 4 for a 3.1-liter, 160-hp V-6. Daytime driving lights are new, too…Camaro ($14,000-$26,000) The most potent bargain on American roads adds traction control to its list of goodies this year. Plus, you can also get the top painted the same color as the body - in the past, black was your only choice. T-tops and convertibles are available, too…Caprice ($18,000-26,000) Caprice Classics get a new, plusher interior this year and a new speed-compensating volume control. Chevy’s full-size, rear-drive, V-8-powered family car offers your pick of a 4.3-liter OHV V-8 or or a stronger 5.7-liter engine.

Cavalier ($11,000-22,000) An all-new Cavalier hits the streets in ‘95 - it’s wider and has a longer wheelbase, though overall length is a little shorter. You can get yours in coupe, sedan or convertible body style and a 2.2-liter four is the base engine with a 150-hp 2.3-liter Quad 4 is optional. A sporty Z24 arrives soon…Corsica ($12,000-$16,000) The 4-door version of the Beretta would get about as basic as a little sedan gets if it weren’t for a long list of standard features including new daylight running lights and a redesigned rear suspension…Corvette ($36,000-$72,000) Good news for big dreamers - the 405-hp ZR-1 gets another year of life. Meanwhile, the rest of the family gets by on 300 hp and a 6-speed gearbox. This year, there’s a new fender treatment that’s reminiscent of the mid-‘60s Sting Ray along with an improved ride…Impala SS ($22,000-$24,000) Based on the Caprice but blessed with another personality altogether, the Impala SS makes 260 hp out of a 5.7-liter V-8. Big tires, four doors and lots of go - what else do you want?…Lumina ($16,000-$23,000) A new Lumina for ‘95, with higher levels of comfort, performance and crashworthiness than ever. Dual airbags, ABS, anti-theft system and air conditioning are standard in this sedan-only car. The coupe version is now the Monte Carlo…Monte Carlo ($17,000-$22,000) When Chevy decided to revamp the Lumina, they split off the coupe into its own model and gave it a name from Chevy’s past. It features quiet, roomy cabin, fold-down rear seats and dual airbags, ABS and anti-theft system. The Z34 version has a 3.4-liter, 210-hp DOHC V-6.

Chevy Trucks

If you’ve been in a cave for the past few months, you may not know that the new Blazer has been pulling down all the awards in Autodom, including the prestigious Northwest Automotive Press Association’s Sport-Utility of the Year honors. It’s a tasty combination of comfort and off-road utility. Both 2- and 4-door models get either 2WD or 4WD and AWD is scheduled to appear midyear. Tons of power, a stable, responsive ride and lots of comfort…in ‘95, and all-new Tahoe replaces the old full-size K-Blazer. Along with new sheet metal and a redesigned interior, a long list of safety, convenience and performance features highlight the new product…the full-size truck/wagon Suburban gets a driver-side airbag, and brake/transmission interlock, new instrument panel, new door trim panels and new contoured seats…C/K Pickups receive a new driverside airbag (under 8500 lbs GVW), 4-wheel ABS and brake/transmission interlock…the Lumina Minivan gets minor changes and the Sportvan and Chevy Van models are unchanged, except for the Beauville, which gets power door locks, power windows, tilt steering wheel, electronic cruise control and electric exterior mirrors.


Metro A new 4-door sedan replaces the 5-door hatchback…Prizm Look for new paint colors, full wheel covers on the base model and updated seat and door trim fabrics…Tracker No changes for GEO’s cute little sport-ute.


Cirrus ($18,000-23,000) The latest giantslayer from Chrysler debuted late last year and will make serious noise in the compact and mid-size markets. Cab-forward design makes it plenty roomy, while a taut suspension, excellent transmission and willing 2.5-liter, 164-hp V-6 engine give it the kind of performance it needs to compete. Dual airbags and ABS are standard, as are a host of other features; you can pick up a touring suspension as an option…Concorde ($20,000-$27,000) Unchanged from last year, except for some new colors, the Concorde is Chrysler’s popular midsize LH car. It’s unchanged for ‘95…LeBaron Convertible ($18,000-$25,000) No changes but new colors for the best-selling convertible in America…LHS ($29,000-31,000) The LHS is Chrysler’s new flagship with a list of standard features that goes on and on. Lots of room and comfort and no changes for ‘95…New Yorker ($25,000-$30,000) This conservative LHS twin has a three-across bench seat and fewer standard items. Same room, same power and same great ride, though - and dual airbags and ABS remain standard…Sebring ($15,000-$21,000) It may look like a sports car, but the all-new Chrysler Sebring is sporty - and luxurious, roomy and competent in that new-Chrysler way. Sharing a platform with the new Dodge Avenger, it comes in base or uplevel models; the former with a 2-liter, 150-hp DOHC four and either a 4-speed automatic or 5-speed manual, the latter with a new 2.5-liter, 155-hp SOHC V-6…Town & Country ($26,000-$29,000) The elite of the minivan world, Town & Country comes standard with leather upholstery, cruise control, rear-area air conditioning, illuminated entry, dual airbags, ABS and remote keyless entry. Available in FWD and AWD versions, it will even haul a 3500-lb trailer.


Avenger ($14,000-$20,000) The Chrysler Sebring’s cousin replaces the Daytona. Priced lower than the Sebring, it offers less standard gear but the same running gear, including the base 2-liter, 150-hp DOHC four and optional 2.5-liter, 155-hp V-6. Dual airbags are standard, disc brakes with ABS optional…Caravan ($16,000-$28,000) The best-selling minivan in the universe gets revised keyless entry, improved 4-speed automatic and deletion of the 5-speed manual…Intrepid ($17,000-$24,000) The roomiest car in its class gets a refined 4-speed automatic transmission, improved headlights and better sound systems…Neon ($10,000-$16,000) Look for the new coupe version of the popular little Neo, which added a splash last year to the entry-level market. The base engine is a 2-liter, 135-hp four, with the coupe gets a DOHC four that gives up 150 hp…Stealth ($21,000-$42,000) The 6-speed, 320-hp, AWD R/T Turbo gets 18-inch wheels and new low-profile tires…Stratus ($16,000-$20,000) Dodge’s version of the Chrysler Corp.’s new JA-cars - Chrysler’s is the Cirrus - is a roomy, sharp-handling small 4-door sedan with Asian manners and plenty of standard goodies, including dual airbags and ABS. A 2-liter SOHC four is standard; a DOHC four and 2.5-liter SOHC V-6 optional…Viper ($56,000-$62,000) Amazing there’s a company bold enough to produce a monster like the 10-cylinder, 400-hp Viper. Of course, airbags and ABS don’t exist and creature comforts are blowin’ in the wind…

Dodge Trucks The rebirth of the Chrysler Corp. is nothing short of stunning, and that extends to the success of its full-size Ram Trucks, as well. Late last year, the Club Cab joined the lineup and became an instant best-seller….Ram Vans and Ram Wagons get driver-side airbags for ‘95…and Dakota, which received an extensive make-over last year, gets a new Special SLT package with tach, carpeted floor mats, cassette player with four speakers and lower bodyside moldings.New standard features include power steering and a rear step bumper.


Summit ($10,000-$16,000) This Mitsubishi-built entry-level sedan gets dual airbags otherwise no significant changes…Summit Wagon ($14,000-$20,000) The utilitarian little Summit carries five humans or 79 cubic feet of cargo. Dual airbags and restyled grille are new for ‘95…Talon ($14,000-$25,000) The Diamond-Star Talon is a good-looking, sharpperforming coupe that holds its own against more expensive competitors. The turbo-charged, AWD TSi creates 210 hp, while the base, FWD ESi gets a 2-liter, 140 hp DOHC four…Vision ($20,000-$26,000) The aggressive version of the Chrysler LH package sports a sleeker snout and hotter wheels that its Concorde and Intrepid cousins. But they all share mechanicals and creature comforts.


Aerostar ($15,000-$27,000) The truckbased Aerostar survived the advent of the Windstar by virtue of its rugged body-onframe construction, optional AWD and a big towing capacity…Aspire ($8,000-$13,000) No changes for the Kiabuilt Aspire…Contour ($13,000-$22,000) Ford’s new world car is a hot performer with an optional 2.5-liter, 165-hp DOHC V-6, excellent fuel economy and aboveaverage accommodations. Great looks, good ride and contemporary technology…Crown Victoria ($18,000-$26,000) Ford’s full-size, RWD sedan gets a freshened nose and interior and new colors. A handling and performance package adds 16-inch wheels, ABS, lower axle ratio and rear air suspension…Escort ($9,000-$15,000) For ‘95, the popular Escort gets dual airbags standard, new instrument panel and optional integrated child seat…Mustang ($14,000-$25,000) America’s original pony car is in its fourth generation and for ‘95 gets a new GTS coupe that offers GT performance on a budget. It utilizes the GT’s 5-liter, 215-hp V-8, sport suspension and body work, but deletes the high-sided bucket seats, leather-wrapped steering wheel and standard power door and window locks…Probe ($13,000-$20,000) The sporty, 2+2, FWD Probe gets new wheels, new taillamps and an upgraded interior on base and GT models…Taurus ($16,000-$28,000) Taurus remains the country’s best-selling car. For ‘95, a new model joins the family - the slightly uplevel SE which offers aluminum wheels, sport bucket seats and optional decklid spoiler, and a price just slightly above base. Air conditioning is now standard in all models…Thunderbird ($16,000-$28,000) No changes this year for Thunderbird, Ford’s impressively priced personal-luxury model…Windstar ($19,000-$27,000) Windstar is Ford’s new FWD minivan. Built on the Taurus platform it drives like a car and features low step-in height, but still offers great interior efficiency. It’s offered in one length only - 8 inches longer than Chrysler’s minivan - and with one engine, a 3.8-liter, 155-hp V-6. Dual airbags and ABS are standard.

Ford Trucks Ford’s light trucks continue to lead the market in sales, and they all have driver-side airbags and are covered by 24-hour roadside assistance. F-Series trucks have topped the sales lists 17 years in a row. A 7.3-liter direct injection V-8 turbo-diesel (it’s the most powerful diesel pickup truck engine ever) is now available with either manual or automatic transmissions on vehicles over 8,500 pounds…BroncoAn uplevel XLT Sport Package now graces the popular 4WD utility lineup in ‘95…the best-selling Ranger compact truck receives a number of safety and appearance improvements, including new instrument panel and seat trim, smoother powerplants and new front-end crush-energy management system…the completely redesigned Explorer gets a sleek, new skin, new interior and more interior space. Dual airbags and 4-wheel ABS are standard…A new sliding side cargo door for Super Club Wagon and Super Van models, and availability of the 7.3-liter turbo-diesel. Later in the year, a natural-gas Econoline will become available.

GMC Truck

Safari ($16,000-$26,000) GMC’s only minivan is a rugged, 8-passenger rig with bodyon-frame construction for extra durability. It’ll tow up to 5500 lbs and AWD is optional. A minor facelift for ‘95, and only the extended wheelbase version is available this year. Last year’s optional 4.3-liter, 190-hp V-6 is now standard.

GMC Trucks Jimmy, the companionpiece to Chevy’s redesigned Blazer, gets an all-new body, new creature comforts, more interior space and new power from a 4.3-liter V-6 engine. You can pick 2- or 4-door styles, 4WD or RWD and smooth, off-road, sportytouring or luxury-ride suspension characteristics. Dash-mounted shift-on-the-fly makes 4-wheeling a simple proposition, or you can have it on the floor…Yukon is the newly renamed full-size sport utility. For ‘95, it gets a fresh interior and a new, 4-door body style…Suburban, GMC’s full-size utility vehicle, receives an all-new, ergonomically superior interior, new dash with white-onblack gauges, driver-side airbag and shiftinterlock function…Sonoma compact pickups get a new Highrider model - its beefy, reinforced frame is 4 inches wider and 2 inches lnbger, it has large gas-pressure Bilstein shocks, tougher axles with 8.5-inch locking rear differential, long-travel springs for comfortable ride and greater off-road performance, a wider stance, underbody shielding and extra-wide wheel flares, 7-inchwide wheels in steel or aluminum, two transmission choices and two V-6 engine options, one with 165 hp, the other with 195 hp…Sierra full-size trucks gets a new, up-todate interior, with shift-interlock feature and, for the first time, electric rear-view mirrors. And, finally, a GM product with a key that fits both the door and the ignition…Rally/ Vandura changes are limited to smootheroperating engines and the like.


Accord ($16,000-$27,000) Honda sells more Accords to individual buyers than any other car in America. For ‘95, the newly redesigned Accord gets 2.7-liter V-6 power. Available in coupe, sedan and wagon configurations, and uplevel LX and EX models get driver-side illuminated visor mirrors. ABS and dual 4-wheel disc brakes are standard; ABS optional on DX and LX, standard on EX…Civic ($9,000-$17,000) Unchanged for ‘95, but for a few new colors, Civic remains one of the most economical cars on the road…Civic del Sol ($14,000-$19,000) A fun, little open-roof 2-seater that features a liftoff roof panel and retractable rear window…Odyssey ($23,000-$25,000) Honda’s spanking new minivan uses Accord’s platform and a 140-hp four. It’s 4-door configuration, low step-up and Accord genes make it a true car/minivan hybrid. Innovative seating for seven, plus standard dual airbags and ABS…Prelude ($17,000-$25,000) Gone for ‘95 is the4WS (4-wheel-steering) system. Air conditioning is now standard on the popular frontdrive sport coupe.


Accent ($8,000-$11,000) Hyundai’s new Accent replaces the Excel while adding 11 hp, dual airbags and optional while maintaining Excel’s entry-level pricing. The 1.5-liter, 92-hp SOHC four is smoother than before…Elantra ($9,000-$13,000) No changes this year for Hyundai’s Neon, Civic, Sentra and Toyota-fighter…Scoupe ($10,000-$15,000) Hyundai’s affordable sporty coupe has a 1.5-liter, 92-hp SOHC under the hood, unless you opt for the 115-hp turbocharged model…Sonata ($12,000-$17,000) An all-new, 5-passenger Sonata gets a fresh look and large amounts of glass for great visibility. The body structure is 20 percent more rigid than before and will carry five in comfort. Choose an improved 2-liter, 137-hp DOHC or the optional 3-liter, 142-hp SOHC V-6. Air conditioning, AM/FM/cassette stereo and dual airbags are standard, while ABS is an optional feature.


G20 ($21,000-$25,000) No changes to Infiniti’s luxurious, hot-handling entry-level sedan. Its little 2-liter, 140-hp DOHC four gives it competitive performance and such standard items as 160-watt stereo, antitheft system, dual airbags and ABS contribute comfort and safety - and you can option it up to true luxury…J30 ($35,000-$37,000) The rear-drive J30 sports elegant lines a la Jaguar and a lovely cabin. An optional touring package (Ti) adds stiffer handling and a trunklid spoiler. For ‘95, J30 gets restyled headlights…Q45 ($48,000-$55,000) Infiniti’s flagship competes with the Lexus LS400 with more power (278 hp) from a 4.5-liter DOHC V-8 that makes all the right noises and better handling. It’s largely unchanged after a remake last year.


Isuzu’s sport-ute Rodeo gets more improvements this year than ever before - dual airbags are now standard on all models, one of the few sport-utes so equipped throughout the line, ride and handling have been improved with revised spring rates, improved stabilizer bars and revalved shock absorbers. There’s a new instrument panel inside and a more aggressive look on the outside. Controls for the dual remote mirrors are relocated to the center console..Rodeo S models get cosmetic feature upgrades and an optional brush guard is optional on all ‘95s…Pickup Trucks The 4X2 gets an improved engine - the standard 2.3-liter SOHC engine gets multi-point fuel injection in all 50 states. It now develops 100 hp at 4600 rpm and 125 feet-pounds of torque at 2600 rpm.


Sephia ($9,000-$14,000) The newest marque to test these shores, the Korean automaker will introduce a 95.5 model in March, with fresh exterior styling and a new interior, plus a new engine on GS and LS models that will produce 125 hp from 1.8 liters. The uplevel models will boast dual airbags and larger wheels and times. ABS is optional on the GS…Sportage ($14,000-$18,000) Kia’s little 4-door sportute went on sale in December and is available in two trim levels and coil springs for a smooth ride. Its 2-liter, DOHC four makes 139 hp and Sportage rides on standard 4WD. Power windows, dual remote power mirrors, alloy wheels and tinted glass are standard, too. Uplevel Sportage EX get power door locks, cruise control, electric remote rear door opening and optional rear-wheel limited-slip differential.


ES 300 ($29,000-$35,000) Mechanically, nothing changes with Lexus’s sharp sedan, but the front and rear get a facelift and chrome wheels are now available…GS 300 ($38,000-$45,000) Lexus applies a sleek coupe mentality to this comfortable 5-passenger sedan. Great lines keep it fresh-looking in its third season…LS 400 ($47,000-$55,000) The flagship LS 400 receives a front-to-tail makeover for ‘95, with a longer wheelbase, more interior space, more power and, somehow, less total weight. LS 400 rear-seat passengers, already some of the best-treated people on the planet, get an additional 2.6 inches of legroom. Power from the 4-liter, 32-valve V-8 is up to 260 and 0-60 acceleration is a full second better than last year. Less body mass and a retuned suspension produce a better-handling car, and the LS 400 receives a new crisper body shpe - plus, the industry’s first in-dash CD changer…SC 300/SC 400 ($37,000-$48,000) The coupe twins received a subtle facelift front and rear when the ‘95s were introduced several months ago. The choice here is in the powerplant and amenities the SC 300 gets a 3-liter inline-six and standard 5-speed manual, while the SC 400 has a 4-liter V-8 and an automatic. SC 300 buyers must pony up extra for leather and the automatic, both standard on the SC 400.


Continental ($34,000-$45,000) The frontdrive Continental finally gets a 4.6-liter V-8, plus a more contemporary new body style to go along with the new power. Semiactive suspension, 16-inch wheels and a “memory-profile system” - it stores each driver’s favored seating position, steering effort, ride control characteristics and radio selections - head an impressive list of standard features. Options include heated seats, traction control and a luggage compartment “roll cart”…Mark VIII ($37,000-$41,000) Lincoln’s personalluxury coupe gets only minor changes for ‘95 - a new rear fascia, bright exhaust tips and electronically controlled damping shocks. Burled walnut trim adds class to an updated dash. Mid-year brings a monochromatic special edition with highintensity discharge headlights and a new wheel design…Town Car ($35,000-$41,000) For ‘95, America’s most traditional luxury-mobile gets a new grille, restyled headlights and taillamps and bigger mirrors. There’s a new dash inside and upgraded sound systems. The 18-footer still comes in Executive, Signature and Cartier Designer editions. A 4.6-liter, 210-hp SOHC V-8 sends its power to the rear wheels.


626 ($15,000-$24,000) Newly restyled wheels head the changes on Mazda’s Camry-fighter and you can load yours up with about as much luxury as you like…929 ($32,000-$35,000) Don’t overlook the 929 for affordable luxury. Nothing new for ‘95, though…Millenia ($26,000-$30,000) Here’s what is new from Mazda - the front-drive Millenia is a wonderfully sophisticated car with 4-wheel multilink suspension, traction control and a nice, tight body structure.Plus, a remarkable supercharged V-6 engine on the S model that produces 210-hp out of just 2.3 liters. Tons of standard features, including dual airbags, ABS and much more…MPV ($18,000-$25,000) For ‘95, all MPVs will be powered by the 3-liter, 155-hp V-6 that was last year’s option, and all will get 7-passenger seating. All-wheel-drive is standard, rear-wheel ABS standard…MX3 ($13,000-$16,000) Mazda’s convincing but economical little sport coupe is unchanged, but for the deletion of the uplevel V-6 GS model…MX-5 Miata ($16,000-$24,000) Mazda reinvented 2-seat topless driving with the Miata and continues to improve it, though there are no changes for ‘95, unless you count the lighter-weight of the optional ABS system…MX-6 ($17,000-$23,000) Cousin to the Ford Probe, the MX-6 eschews performance track for economy on the bottom end and luxury on the top. For ‘95, wheels have been redesigned and power comes from a 2-liter, 118-hp four or the optional 2.5-liter, 164-hp V-6…Protege($12,000-$16,000) The redesigned Protege is more powerful, quieter and safer than before. Dual airbags are standard, ABS optional. The wheelbase has been stretched 4.2 inches for a better ride and more interior space, of which there is an ample amount. The base engine is a new 1.5-liter, 92-hp DOHC four, while the uplevel SE model gets last year’s 1.8-liter, 122-hp DOHC four…RX-7 ($34,000-$38,000) $38,000 starts to look like a bargain when you consider what those twin-turbos can do. A real kick.

Trucks Mazda’s new compact lineup was introduced a year ago, and this year get a driver-side airbag, standard, on every model. There’s a redesigned interior with improved dash and available 4-wheel ABS. Power is up in the 2.3-liter base engine from 98-hp to 112-hp.


Cougar XR-7 ($19,000-$28,000) Restyled in ‘94, Cougar gets four new colors for ‘95 and a cell-phone option. A new sportappearance group adds lace-wyle wheels and non-functional luggage rack….Grand Marquis ($21,000-$25,000) Major changes for ‘95 include fresh styling front and rear, a plusher and more roomy interior with restyled dash, more legroom, rear-seat heat ducts and better sound systems. A handling package adds 16-inch wheels and rear air suspension. Dual airbags are standard and the only engine is a 4.6-liter SOHC V-8…Mystique ($14,000-$23,000) Mystique replaces the Topaz with worldcar ethics. It’s more luxurious than its sporty Ford Contour cousin, with dual airbags, solar glass and a 2-liter, 125-hp DOHC standard a 2.5-liter, 165 DOHC V-6 is optional. ABS, leather, traction control and power moonroof are optional…Sable ($18,000-$25,000) The only update to the Taurus cousin is the addition of uplevel LTS sedan with standard bucket seats and leather trim. The base 3-liter, 140-hp V-6 is quieter this year…Tracer ($11,000-$15,000) Tracer gets a passengerside airbag and optional integrated child safety seat…Villager ($18,000-$29,000) The front-drive Villager is smaller and more car-like than most minivans, but still offers seating for up to seven and plenty of options.


3000GT ($35,000-$43,000) For ‘95, the street screamer gets a retractable hardtop, the 3000GT Spyder. It includes almost everything found on the coupe but the VR4’s new 18-inch wheels. Choose 222 or 320 hp…Diamante ($23,000-$31,000) The former ES will go only to fleets, leaving the upscale LS as the only retail option. A new CD/cassette system graces the 5-passenger near-luxury Diamante, which comes in coupe and wagon configurations…Eclipse ($14,000-$25,000) The all-new ‘95 Eclipse debuted this summer with a very sharp body style and front-drive and AWD configurations. You can get the 210-hp turbocharged four cylinder GS-T or GSX versions or a 140-hp RS or GS…Expo ($14,000-$17,000) In ‘95, Expos will be sold only to fleets, so you either need to wait to get one used - or you could have a Summit meeting with your Eagle dealer…Galant ($14,000-$23,000) A smooth V-6 is added to this mid-size giant killer’s option list this year…Mirage ($8,000-$14,000) The sedan is only available to rental fleets, so you have your choice between a coupe or a coupe. For ‘95, S and LS models get a passenger-side airbag, color-keyed bumpers and new center console, while the LS gets 14-inch aluminum wheels.

Mitsubishi Trucks The 7-passenger sport-ute Montero gets a new base engine - a 3-liter, 117-hp SOHC V-6 - in the LS, while the uplevel SR gets a variable shock absorber system for hard, medium or soft rides…Mighty Max 2WD The durable little truck gets new seat material, new colors and an ignition key with key code tag for improved security.


200SX ($12,000-$17,000) The all-new 200SX is a sporty coupe that gives you a choice between 110 and 140 hp, and careful or carefree colors. It’s a hot little number that’s built on the same platform as the new Sentra sedan…240SX ($21,000-$25,000) The rear-drive 240SX grew up this year, sacrificing some of its street-gut performance for luxury touches. It’s still a barrel of fun, though, and a smart 2.4-liter, 155-hp DOHC four moves it right along…300ZX ($31,000-$41,000) Only new body-coloring for the front fascia distinguishes the ‘95 300ZX from the ‘94. A great body style is available in 12-seat coupe, convertible and extended-length 2+2 versions, and 300 ponies are available fomr a twin-turbo, 3-liter DOHC V-6…Altima ($14,000-$22,000) In its third season, the popular Altima gets redesigned grilles and taillamps and a new spoiler for the SE…Maxima ($20,000-$28,000) Allnew for ‘95, Japan’s quickest 5-passenger sedan delivers healthy doses of luxurious comfort in addition to terrific performance. Power is by a 3-liter, 190-hp DOHC V-6 and a redesigned rear suspension improves ride quality…Quest $18,000-$25,000) A little smaller than most minivans, Quest nonetheless offers 7-passenger seating, a low step-in and a great car-like ride…Sentra ($10,000-$16,000) A remake of the entrylevel Sentra improves structural rigidity, safety and space efficiency. Dual airbags are now standard and a new multilink suspension improves ride and handling. Drivetrain components are unchanged.

Nissan Trucks The sport-ute Pathfinder gets a new, luxurious 4X2 LE-V6 with leather, semi-automatic temperature control, CD player and automatic transmission. Engine refinements improve pulling power at low- to mid-range rpms, enhancing off-road driving and towing…Nissan’s compact trucks get a new model, the uplevel 4X2 XE-V6, plus standard rearwheel ABS throughout the line.


Achieva ($13,000-$18,000) An improved 2.3-liter, 110-hp DOHC four is now the base engine among a selection that’s narrowed from four to two. Otherwise, little change…Aurora ($31,000-$33,000) Plenty of experts call this the car of the year. It’s certainly a wake-up call for Oldsmobile’s competitors. Everything about Aurora is new and fresh, from its sporty demeanor to its luxurious interior and powerful new 4-liter, 250-hp DOHC V-8. Traction control, ABS, 16-inch wheels and ABS are all standard…Ciera ($14,000-$19,000) For ‘95, some minor upgrades in the upholstery department, otherwise the dependable, front-drive Ciera sedans and wagons just keep selling…Cutlass Supreme ($16,000-$27,000) Oldsmobile’s mid-size offering gets dual airbags and a redesigned interior…Eighty Eight ($19,000-$26,000) The Eighty Eight was a darn fine car already, but this year Oldsmobile adds a turbocharged 3.8-liter V-6 good for 225-hp to turn the Special Edition into a street rod…Ninety Eight ($25,000-$33,000) The full-size rear-driver drops the Regency model, leaving only the luxurious Regency Elite. Lots of room and lots of standard features including dual airbags, ABS cruise control and a more powerful, 205-hp V-6 engine…Silhouette ($20,000-$26,000) No changes this year to Silhouette…Bravada: Oldsmobile’s sportute holds its own with plenty of luxury touches while an entirely new model is in preparation. Expect it next year.


Acclaim ($14,000-$17,000) Believe it or not, you can fit six adults in the smallish Acclaim and not hear a lot of complaints. Not much new for this practical frontdriver…Neon ($10,000-$16,000) Everything’s new about Neon, or was just a year ago, when Plymouth debut its little compact cutie. Identical to its Dodge cousin, it offers two engine choices, standard dual airbags and optional ABS. The fun’s thrown in free…Voyager ($16,000-$29,000) There’s a new Rallye package for the mid-level SE model, the only real change in the Voyager until its next, imminent makeover.


Bonneville ($20,000-$33,000) Bigger than Ford’s Taurus, smaller than Chrysler’s LH cars, Bonneville offers comfort and performance, especially if you order the supercharged version of the 3.8-liter V-6. Normally, it makes 205 hp, but the testosterone version does 225-hp…Firebird ($14,000-$28,000) Speaking of testerone. Order the 275-hp TransAm with 6-speed and say no more. The 160-hp base model is less powerful but just as pretty. Order yours in coupe or convertible…Grand Am ($14,000-$19,000) Pontiac’s best-seller packs tons of equipment into a compact front-drive package. The base powerplant - 3.1-liter, 115-hp OHV V-6 - is smoother thanks to balance shafts or you can get a slower-to-rev V-6 of 115-hp…Grand Prix ($16,000-$26,000) True to the performance implied by its name, Grand Prix rewards owners with 160-hp in the base form, 210-hp if you order the GTP hot rod…Sunfire ($11,000-$22,000) For the low price of entry, this Sunbird replacement offers neat looks and dual airbags, standard. It’s roomier, quieter and performs better than its predecessor. Base power is a 2.2-liter, 120-hp four, though a Quad 4 is available…Trans Sport ($18,000-$25,000) New colors, fabrics and an overhead console for ‘95, otherwise the same 7-person capacity and dent-resistant and rust-proof plastic bodypanels.


900 ($23,000-$42,000) Last year, Saab turned the venerable 900 into an all-new car and added a lovely electric convertible. This year, all 900s will run with daytime lights and a revised alarm system with remote keypad…9000 ($30,000-$43,000) Saab’s elegantbut-utilitarian flagship line gets two new, sixcylinder models - the CSE and CDE. The top-of-line Aero gets 225-hp and a sports suspension. A little cosmetic work on the exterior and daytime running lights highlight the ‘95 changes.


Coupe ($11,000-$17,000) SC1 is unchanged, but SC2 gets a fresh front end, including pop-up headlights. Dual airbags become standard, along with non-motorized 3-point seatbelts. The instrument panel has been revised and the decklid has been slightly redesigned. Power is up in the SC1 to 100-hp from 85…Sedan ($10,000-$17,000) Three inches longer than the coupe, the sedan is roomier and more traditional. Dual airbags and 5-mph bumpers are new, as is a restyled instrument panel…Wagon ($11,000-$17,000) Saturn is consistent - this year’s wagons get dual airbags, 3-point non-motorized seat belts and a redesigned instrument panel.


Impreza ($12,000-$19,000) Subaru specializes in affordable AWD; accordingly, its entry-level Impreza is available in frontdrive and AWD formats. A coupe is new for ‘95, as is an optional engine - a 2.2-liter four. The AWD Sport Wagon gets an Outback package with luggage racks, et al…Legacy ($15,000-$24,000) A most impressive mid-size package with a very reasonable price tag, the all-new Legacy is larger, lighter, more powerful and structurally more sound for ‘95. A longer wheelbase adds room inside and a revised suspension improves ride and handling…SVX ($25,000-$31,000) A new base model, L, joins the lineup, all of which are available in front-drive and AWD configurations. Dramatic styling, 230-hp and a long list of luxury appointments - plus the availability of AWD make the SVX unique among sports coupes.


Esteem We don’t yet know a lot about the soon-to-come 4-door 5-passenger Esteem, just that it marks Suzuki’s attempt to get back into the automotive market in a serious way…Swift ($8,000-$12,000) There’s a redesigned Swift this year, with new aerodynamic styling and a roomier cabin. Dual airbags are standard, ABS is optional. An economical little 70-hp four powers the Swift. GT and 4-door versions have been discontinued.

Suzuki Trucks While Suzuki emphasizes growth in its auto line, it maintains the truck status quo. As always, the little 2- and 4-door Sidekicks offer great utility - and fun at a terrific price, while the 4X$ Samurai remains a great value.


Avalon ($24,000-$29,000) This new flagship is the roomiest, best-equipped sedan ever from Toyota. Built in Kentucky on a stretched Camry platform, it offers similar interior size to Chrysler’s LH cars, though it’s nearly a foot shorter. With a split front bench seat, it will carry six. Dual airbags, power windows, mirrors and door locks and cruise control are standard, ABS is optional. There are two trim levels, but one engine, a 3-liter, 192-hp V-6…Camry($16,000-$27,000) Fresh styling for ‘95 includes a wider, slightly harderedged look, new headlights, grille and front bumper and a new rear-end treatment. ABS becomes standard on uplevel XLE sedan…Celica ($19,000-$27,000) New for ‘95 - a topless Celica! With poweroperated top, no less. It’s available with a leather trim package and dual airbags are standard. Nothing else changes in the Celica line…MR2($19,000-$28,000) Granted that’s a lot of dough for a little 2-seater but MR2 makes up for it in quality and fun. Choose the wild turbo with its 2-liter, 200-hp powerplant or the more docile , 2.2-liter, 130-hp mill…Paseo $12,000-$16,000) continues without changes in ‘95…Previa ($26,000-$34,000) Now even the base Previa DX model can be had with the optional supercharged engine - it adds 23-hp and 43 pound-feet of torque. New colors and new trim, too…Tercel ($9,000-$15,000) The all-new Tercel gets new everything - bodystyle, engine, interior. Dual airbags are standard, and the new 1.5-liter 4-cylinder, 16-valve engine makes 93 hp. Two bodystyles - 2-door and 4-door - and two trim levels will spice up Toyota’s entry-level offering.

Toyota Trucks The rugged 4Runner sport-ute gets a top-line 4WD SRF V-6 model, new audio options and a new sport stripe for SR5 V-6 models. A new design comes this fall…Land Cruiser continues unchanged…Compact Trucks Coming in April, Toyota’s all-new small truck lineup finally gets a name of its own. The new Tacomas (yes, they’re named for the Great Northwest, but wouldn’t Spokane be a better name?) will have new sheet metal and more powerful engines. ‘94’s base 2.4-liter four adds 26 hp and 20 pound-feet of torque, while a 2.7-liter four puts out 150 hp and a massive 170 pound-feet of torque. It’s standard on 4X4 models. An option is the 3-liter V-6 from the T100 - it makes 190-hp and 220 pound-feet… For ‘95, the mid-size T100 pickups get a new, more powerful engine, a 3.4-liter V-6 twin-cam engine that produces 190 hp and 220 pound-feet of torque. It’s standard on DX models. There’s a new locking fuel door and cosmetic changes to the wheel covers.


Cabrio ($21,000-$23,000) VW’s first new soft-top in 15 years is a classy little number with a glass rear window and manual top that operates like a charm. Interior room is up by 11 percent and there’s more cargo space and a stronger body, too. An integral roll-bar protects patrons and dual airbags, ABS, power windows and door locks and anti-theft system are standard…Eurovan ($30,000-$32,000) Whether you’re timetraveling or just going camping, the new Winebago camper makeover of the Eurovan is a joy. You won’t get anywhere in a hurry with the 105-hp 5-cylinder engine, but you’ll have fun when you arrive…Golf III ($14,000-$17,000) No significant changes here - the Limited Edition has been renamed Sport and gets alloy wheels, smoked taillights, new grille and sport seats…GTI-VR6 ($18,000-$22,000) The Corrado has been deleted and there’s finally a 172-hp VR6 on these shores. It rides on a sport suspension, and gets traction control and 4-wheel discs with ABS…Jetta III ($14,000-$19,000) No big changes for VW’s 4-door front-drive commuter, though air conditioning, cruise control and power mirrors are now standard…Passat ($18,000-$34,000) A new grille, taillights and body-color bumpers grace VW’s mid-size sedans and wagons. Such standard items as dual airbags, traction control, ABS and a dust-and-pollen filter set it apart from the competition and if that isn’t enough, you can choose the 172-hp GLX hot rod.


850 ($26,000-$34,000) The industry’s first side-impact airbags debut in the ‘95 850. It’s standard on the Turbo sedans and wagons, a $500 upgrade on normally aspirated models. A sleek, new front-end rounds out ‘95 changes…940 ($26,000-$30,000) The ultimate sensible Volvo kicks up its heels a bit when you opt for the 162-hp turbo version…960 ($30,000-$34,000) It’s sleeker on the outside and more luxurious on the inside, with standard leather seats, burled walnut inserts and better ergonomics. Horsepower is down from 201 to 181, but responsiveness is actually increased, thanks to a wider torque band. Revised suspension yields improved ride and handling.


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