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Legislative Action

Fri., Feb. 10, 1995


HB81 (Speaker) Establishes state Responsibility for payments under the Catastrophic Health Care Cost Fund.

HB122 (Appropriations) Appropriates $12 million to pay costs through mid-1995 for Catastrophic Health Care Cost Fund.

HB113 (Appropriations) Makes supplemental appropriation of $1,500 in current budget to Athletic Commission.

SB1034 (Finance) Reduces current budget appropriation for Department of Water Resources by $117,100.

SB1035 (Finance) Makes supplemental appropriation in current budget of $291,500 for Department of Agriculture.


HJM3 (Environmental Affairs) Urges protection of private property rights (memorial to Congress).

HCR10 (State Affairs) Expresses legislative opposition to making Idaho a permanent repository for nuclear waste.

HCR11 (Environmental Affairs) Lowers water quality standards for arsenic.

HB199 (State Affairs) Allows people living in a city’s area of impact to vote in city elections.

HB200 (State Affairs) Waives need for election on proposed annexation of a fire district if 75 percent of the property owners sign petitions.

HB201 (Transportation and Defense) Clarifies authority over city streets and public rights of way under the jurisdiction of a city, county or highway district.

HB202 (Transportation and Defense) Increases membership of Idaho Transportation Board from three to seven members.

HB203 (Transportation and Defense) Makes technical definitions of a city highway system and a highway district highway system.

HB204 (Agricultural Affairs) Extends the industry assessment on wheat and barley to include collection on grain imported into the United States.

HB205 (Agriculture Affairs) Allows director of Department of Agriculture to require additional bond in certain cases for dealers in farm produce.

HB206 (Agriculture Affairs) Amends Uniformity of State Pesticide Regulations Act to allow farm inspectors to inspect storage facilities and enforce the Life Safety Code.

HB207 (Agricultural Affairs) Changes regulations on operation of five state grazing district boards.

HB208 (Agricultural Affairs) Repeals 1917 law allowing buyer of sacked produce to deduct net weight of sacks at settlement, segregate and ship sacks back to seller.

HB209 (Agricultural Affairs) Gives Department of Agriculture authority to investigate all cases of reported loss by producer or marketer of agricultural produce through fraud or deceptive trade practices.

HB210 (Agricultural Affairs) Repeals outdated state law dealing with the disease of glanders.

HB211 (Agricultural Affairs) Repeals 1933 law concerning bonded warehousemen.

HB212 (Local Government) Clarifies Land Use Planning Act of 1975, adding property rights section.

HB213 (Local Government) Provides that a city’s area of impact shall not extend beyond area where a city can demonstrate that it will be able to provide urban services within 10 years.

HB214 (Local Government) Requires the city of Boise to elect City Council members by districts.

HB215 (Local Government) Adds special district officers to list of public officials who may be recalled, changes signature requirements on recall petitions.

HB216 (Revenue and Taxation) Revises coverage and application of investment tax credit.

HB217 (Revenue and Taxation) Provides that any funds deposited in lieu of bail remaining after application of the deposit to fines shall be returned to the party posting the deposit.

HB218 (State Affairs) Revises laws on issuing of special motor vehicle license plates.

HB219 (State Affairs) Changes process for handling of money for Grape Growers and Wine Commission to conform to handling of money for other commodity commissions.


SB1123 (Education) Imposes limit on reimbursement school district may receive for transportation costs.

SB1124 (Education) Limits state support of public school transportation program based on state average cost per mile and state average cost per student.

SB1125 (Resources and Environment) Brings irrigation district election dates into conformity with state’s consolidated election law.

SB1126 (Resources and Environment) Provides for distribution of proceeds from sale of Idaho wildlife cards.

SB1127 (Resources and Environment) Provides definition of manually propelled vessel in law on safe operation of personal watercraft.

SB1128 (State Affairs) Changes law on warehouse and record requirements for distribution of wine or beer.

SB1129 (Resources and Environment) Provides that land actively devoted to agriculture lying in designated riparian areas may be exempt from taxation.

SB1130 (State Affairs) Changes law on general business corporations, limited partnerships and limited liability companies.

SB1131 (State Affairs) Says Idaho Racing Commission shall issue no more than one license to simulcast per live horse race meet licensee.

SB1132 (State Affairs) Deletes obsolete reference to wholesaler assistance in law on sanitation rules for beer retailers.


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