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Robideaux Gets Addy Honor

Sun., Feb. 12, 1995

John Robideaux, president of Robideaux Warner, was named Advertising Professional of the Year at the annual Inland Northwest ADDY Awards Saturday night.

The award is given annually to a local advertising executive who has shown commitment to the advertising industry, professional accomplishment and community involvement.

Robideaux serves on the Spokane Regional Convention and Visitors Bureau marketing committee and the Spokane Area Chamber of Commerce education committee. He is a past chairman of the Cystic Fibrosis Sports Challenge and currently serves on the executive board of WAMPUM.

ADDY Awards

ADDY award winners are listed below, along with the name of the ad and the company it was created for:

Best of Show

White Runkle Associates, Myopia, Eye Pro Optics

Catalog - Four Color or More

Pacific Marketing Group, Work At It, Hathorn Boots.

Product Presentation - Sales Kits/Folder

Pacific Marketing Group, On the Road, TWT Refrigerated Services.

Product Presentation - Sales Kits/Folder

Metropolitan Mortgage & Securities, Property Development, Metropolitan Mortgage and Security.

Product Presentation - Product Sheet/Menu

White Runkle, Colorkeys Data Sheet, Key Tronic.

Packaging - Single Client

White Runkle, Colorkeys Package, Key Tronic.

Packaging - Series/Campaign

Buckeye Beans & Herbs, Buckeye Baseball Pasta, Buckeye Beans & Herbs.

Stationery Package

Anderson Mraz Design, Tennis College stationery, Tennis College - Buchholz Germany.

Klundt & Hosmer Design Associates, American Indian Community Center stationery, American Indian Community Center.

Klundt & Hosmer, North by Northwest Productions stationery, North by Northwest Productions.

Annual Report- Less than Four Color

Klundt & Hosmer, Spokane Transit Annual Report, Spokane Transit Authority.

Annual Report - Four Color or more

Metropolitan Mortgage & Securities, Western United Life Assurance Co. Annual Report, Metropolitan Mortgage & Securities.

Anderson Mraz Design, Performance Annual Report, Washington Water Power Co.

Brochure - Less than Four Color

Klundt & Hosmer, Sacred Heart Medical Center Development Fund Brochure, Sacred Heart Medical Center.

Klundt & Hosmer, Brochure, Hamilton Photography & Film Co..

Newsletter - Less than Four Color

Klundt & Hosmer, Transit Lines Newsletter, Spokane Transit Authority.

Poster - Less than Four Color

White Runkle, Empty Plate, Spokane Food Bank.

White Runkle, Empty Cup, Spokane Food Bank.

Poster - Less than Coeur Color

White Runkle, Empty Bowl, Spokane Food Bank.

Poster - Four Color or more

Anderson Mraz Design, Bloomsday ‘94.

Special Event Material - Miscellaneous

Anderson Mraz Design, Lactic Acid Trip, Iron Mountain Bike Club.

Business to Business Campaign

White Runkle, Data Sheets, Key Tronic.

Business to Consumer

White Runkle, Digital Slider, Cellular One.

Business to Consumer Campaign

Quinn Sterling, Postcards, Gerard’s Jewelry.

Outdoor - Posters

Pridemark Outdoor, Turn on Your Radio, Radio Broadcasting Assoc.

Outdoor - Series

White Runkle, Moscow Grand Opening, Rosauers.

Pridemark Outdoor, Radio, Radio Broadcasting Association.

Exterior Transit

Screen Tek Inc., The Dog & Pony Show, Coeur d’Alene Greyhound Park.

Wendt Advertising, Thirty Rooms … No HBO, CheneyCowles Museum.

Signage - On Site, Trade Show, Exterior, Diorama

Dunau Associates, Washington Water Power Viewpoint Signs, Washington Water Power Co.

Full Page or More - Less than Four Color

White Runkle, Better Ads, White Runkle.

Full Page or More - Four Color or More

Hanna & Associates, More Branches, Sterling Savings.

Half Page or Less - Black & White

Hanna & Associates, Sissy Places - Breakfast, Wilson Frank’s.

White Runkle, Myopia, Eye Pro Optics.

More than Half Page - Black & White

White Runkle, 4th of July, Cellular One.

More Than Half Page - Four Color or more

Hanna & Associates, Valentine Roses, Tidyman’s.

Campaign - Black & White

Hanna & Associates, Sissy Places, Wilson Frank’s.

Radio - More than :30

Pacific Marketing Group, Rear End, A to Z Rental.

Series (3-5), Production under $750/spot

North by Northwest Productions, Quality Campaign, Pella Windows.

Any Length, Production $751-$2000

Hanna & Associates, Poor Little Trombone Guy, Tidyman’s.

Hanna & Associates, Daddy’s Little Angel, Tidyman’s.

Series (3-5), Production $751-$2000/spot

Client/Co.: Schultz Communications, North by Northwest Productions, Community, First Savings.

Any Length, Production $2001-$5000

MTR Communications, Urgent Matter, Boise Cascade.

Quinn Sterling, Practical Living Room, Burgans Furniture.

Series (3-5), Production $2001-$5000/spot

Quinn Sterling, Practical Choice, Burgans Furniture.

Any Length, Production over $5000

White Runkle, 52 Minutes, Washington Water Power.

North By Northwest Productions Agency/Co.: Elgin Syferd Drake, 5th Anniversary, Idaho Lottery.

Hanna & Associates, Loading Dock, Tidyman’s.

Hanna & Associates, Earth to Meat Guy, Tidyman’s.

Series (3-5), Production over $5000/spot

Hanna & Associates, Northwest Fresh Phase IV, Tidyman’s.

Video/Film Presentation

North By Northwest Production, Boston Tunnel, Morrison Knudsen.

Television Self-Promotion

KHQ Television, So Many Choices, KHQ Television.

Agency/Design Firm Self Promotion

White Runkle, Golf is too Hard, White Runkle.

Photographer/Illustrator Self-Promotion

Hamilton Photography & Film Co., Hamilton Photography & Film Co. Brochure, Hamilton Photography & Film Co.

Printer Self-Promotion

Johnston Printing, Christmas Cards, Johnston Printing.

Logo/Trademark Design

Anderson Mraz Design, Tennis College Logo, Tennis College - Buchholz, Germany.

Pacific Marketing Group, GifTins, GifTins.

Klundt & Hosmer, Austin’s Jewelry Logo, Austin’s Fine Jewelry.

Klundt & Hosmer, American Indian Community Center Logo, American Indian Community Center.

White Runkle, Color Keys, Key Tronic.

Illustration - Flat Dimensional

White Runkle, Bridge, ITC Teleservices.

White Runkle, Support, ITC Teleservices.

Goodale & Barbieri, Falls Fish Co. Mural, Falls Fish Co.

Anderson Mraz Design, Bloomsday ‘94, Bloomsday Association.

Still Photography - Color

Critics Choice: Hamilton Photography & Film Co.

Brochure: Hamilton Photography & Film Co.

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